Smart Tips to Pack Your Beloved Books with Packers and Movers

by Ram Sewak Transportation
Are you a book worm planning to relocate to the new place with your treasure of books along with you. It is a big task to relocate your entire library to your new home. It is difficult to manage hundreds of books and pack them in the cartons. For book lovers, these books are there lifelines. To preserve their books throughout the move, you should hire Agarwal Packers for your relocation assistance. They have attained expertise in pack and moving your books using out-of-the-box packing techniques. If you want to do it alone, we are providing you some best hacks to pack your books diligently. 

Let us move on to the tips

Downsize Your Collection 

Being a book lover, you have lot of sentiments associated with your books. But, it requires lot of management and set process to pack your mini library in the systematic way. The huge stacks of books will definitely going to add on to the moving cost. To reduce your moving cost and remain sorted, you should pair down your collection despite carrying all with you. Keep aside the books that you have already read or don’t enjoy reading and keep as the collectible value. 

Sell:If you have some old text and college books, you can sell them for getting extra cash. It would be best idea to arrange yard sale to ease out your moving burden. This will put some extra cash in your pocket. 

Donate:Most of the Charitable Organization, thrift and second hand stores takes the donations of every kind of books, provided they must be in good condition to use. There are some home shelters, retirement communities and children’s hospital that receives particular genres of books; you can diligently check their necessities to see what they need. Also, you can also check with your local public library. There are many libraries, which accept “gently used” book contributions to sell for fundraising at public sale of books.

Pack Your Books in Strategic Manner

At first, you should consider how much weight you can lift yourself. Most of the moving companies do not pack more than 10 kgs of books in a single carton. So be vigil while filling the box as per your capacity. If you have any health issues, you should pack small carton for yourself, which holds the few books. The ideal size of carton to pack your box should be 12x12”. With this, you will able to calculate the number of boxes required by you for packing your book. 

Then, you can initiate organizing and sorting your books together. Collect lot of cartons to load as high as boxes are tall and properly put labels with the colorful stick notes. You should also keep some packing stuff round the loose space like brown paper or T-Shirts or brown paper. Keep some packing material round the loose spaces, such as clean T-shirts or brown paper. Be sure zero you add to the box is damp, since it can lead to fast mold evolution.

Then, close the carton and put the tape on the top — reflecting the bottom side, also place one long part down the layer and two to perfectly holding the sides. Complete the box off with a plainly written label indicating the same number is going to appear on the stack of books inside. You can repeat the process till your book library completes, ensure to label all your boxes and cartons. It will be handful as you unpack: labeling abridges the organizing process in your new home so you could avoid the infamous boxes that sit around for many after the relocation. 

Are you packing and moving your books by your own?

Not every part of your relocation has to fit inside the moving carrier. You can just transport your packed books. Many reputed postal services offer transportation through much lower shipping rates. The packing process would also be different in this case as it is more vital to use protection, which includes plastic, bubble wraps, packing peanuts to keep the books safe from sliding around during the move process. You should wrap you books separately in the plastic to prevent them from damage and moisture.  And do not forget to keep size and weight factor of your books in concern. USP implies that make calculations on each carton’s dimensions, if higher than the exact weight will determine the moving cost. 

You can also make decision to ship your books, especially if you have some precious decision or book with emotional touch. You can transport them yourself to keep a vigil eye over them.Though, just for you can fit those heavy books in the cartons, does not meant your car or truck is fortified to handle all that weight. Take your lorry’s size into consideration, and make a planned plan for how many books you can judiciously transport yourself.

You might catch its best to keep the valuable books you really love close and leave the rest to your professional packers irrespective if you have infinite numbers of precious pages to stay safe and secure. To make your relocation, Agarwal Packers and Movers is the reliable name, who is backed by state of art infrastructure to transport you valuable possessions at the budget-friendly rates. So what are you waiting for? Book them and enjoy your stress-free move.

Have a Happy and Safe Move!

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