Sliding Windows Cleaning Tips For Easy and Effective Results

by Andy Lawerence Windows and Doors Installation - Nuview

There are a number of reasons why sliding windows are so popular all over the globe and one of them is the ease of cleaning. In most of these windows, you will find a mechanism that allows users to lift the panel out of the track for cleaning and then, install it back. The benefit is that the user gets the opportunity to clean the sliding part thoroughly as well as the tracks also in which they slide.

There is another feature that helps a lot in powering this benefit of "ease of cleaning". You will find these sliding windows North Shore sliding in both the directions and this again makes it very easy for owners to clean them and this is a feature not found in any other kind according to windows and doors experts. As far as cleaning this way is concerned, here is an article, giving you a detailed overview of the entire process.

Things You Will Need

  •       Windows
  •       Old towels
  •       Spray bottle
  •        Distilled white vinegar
  •       Terry cloth
  •       Old newspapers
  •       Vacuum cleaner
  •       Old toothbrush or toothpicks
  •       White nylon brush


An important cleaning tip for both sliding commercial windows as well as residential windows is that it’s better to clean them in the morning or after the sunset. The reason is that direct sunlight will dry up the cleaning solution too fast and leave streaks.

The Process

For cleaning these windows, you will first have to slide the windows open so that the panels go past the sliding blocks. You will have to place your hand on the either side of the windows and lift the panels upwards carefully and slowly in the upper track. This will release the panel from the bottom panel and now, you can pull the panel outwards and then, below to release it from the upper track too. Now that the panel is in your hands, place it very carefully on old towels present on the floor. Using the same process will help you release all the panels from the track for cleaning.

Fill a 20-oz. spray bottle with water and add 2 tbsp. of distilled white vinegar and mix well to prepare a spray that has to be applied on the windows. You can leave it for a couple of minutes and then, scrub them with a nylon scrub brush in areas, where debris is present and also, stubborn dirt is there. Post-scrubbing, you will have to wash the panels of your sliding windows north shore and then, clean them using a clean cloth. Now it’s time to dry the windows with an old terry towel followed by wadding up old newspapers and polishing the glass. The good thing about this polishing is that it will remove the traces of chemicals that if present would leave streaks on the glass.

Sliding Windows North Shore Track Cleaning

You can simply vacuum the window tracks to remove dirt and for further process, you are free to use an old, abandoned brush and scrub out the dirty areas that are full of stubborn dust. You should then mop up the grimy dirt immediately with old towels and then, re-install your windows by reversing the order of how you removed them.

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