Skimmed Milk Powder — Nutrient Enriched Food with All Goodness of Milk

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This pantry staple is surprisingly adaptable. Learn more about how powdered milk can be used in a variety of ways!


Skimmed milk powders are used widely as a food ingredient. For the past several years, the largest markets for Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) have been in preparing reconstituted milk, as dry mix ingredient, for confectionery and bakery applications and for manufacture of sweetened condensed milk. SMP can be reconstituted by adding water to obtain liquid milk, recombined by adding water and fat in such a quantity to achieve the desired fat content milk, or simply used as a dry ingredient. Its high nutritional quality combined with its versatile and multi-functional properties make it attractive for many applications such as the following:

Reconstituted Skim Milk Powder: As a result of the long stable shelf life, the reduced storage space needed and nutritive value of SMP as compared to fluid milk, it is desirable in many regions with unfavorable climatic conditions and also in certain unusual conditions (e.g. war, earthquakes, epidemics etc.) SMP can be reconstituted to provide a substitute for fluid milk.

Recombined Skim Milk Powder: When recombined with water and fat, SMP can be used as a dairy component in place of fluid milk or cream in a number of applications where fluid milk and cream would ordinarily be used.

Sweetened Condensed Milk: Heat stable SMP can be used as a dairy component in manufacture of SCM & Evaporated milk by recombination process.

Confections: Used in aerated confections such as malted milks. Addition of SMP stabilizes foam structure by preventing air bubbles from collapsing. SMP also lends a desirable light dairy flavor, helps control sucrose crystallization (due to its lactose content), and binds water to produce the firm structure of confectionery products. In caramel confections, the SMP is key in the colour formation due to both the caramelization and the Millard reaction of the lactose and amino acids (protein) in SMP. SMP is used to produce milk chocolate for its distinct flavor and smooth milky texture characteristics. Also used frequently in soft sweets and various confection coatings.

Sports and Nutrition Foods: The high nutritional value of SMP makes it an excellent ingredient for many athletic foods such as nutrition bars and beverages. SMP provides the protein, water soluble vitamins and mineral content required as well as functional properties such as water binding, thickening, emulsification and flavour. Many new beverage applications include SMP as a natural source of calcium to fortify the beverage. Mouthfeel, flavour and colour are also notable contributions from SMP in beverage products.

Infant Formulas: The nutritive value of SMP is the key consideration when formulating food for infants. These infant formulas containing SMP are used as a nutritious substitute for mother’s milk.

Bakery Products: Commonly used in many bakery products such as breads, cakes, doughnuts, rolls etc. to add nutritive value (flour lacks some essential amino acids and minerals), improve flavour, enhance browning (presence of lactose), and improve water binding capacity allowing the bakery product to remain fresh longer. In cakes, skimmed milk powder has also been shown to stabilize the batter and improve tenderness.

Dry Mixes: Found in cocoa mixes and other hot beverage mixes to impart a smooth creamy mouthfeel and enhance the flavour. In dry mixes where whipping or foaming is required, SMP provides essential proteins to act as emulsifiers to stabilize and ensure proper whipping and foaming. SMP adds mouthfeel, emulsification, colour, and flavour to dairy-based dry mixes such as sauces, soups and salad dressings.

Fermented Milk Products: Improves the taste and mouthfeel of fermented dairy products such as sour cream, low-fat yogurts, cheeses and cultured skim milk.

Ice Cream and Frozen Dairy Desserts: Important source of non-fat milk solids in ice cream, sherbets, frozen yogurts and other dairy desserts. Standardization is commonly practiced in dairy products to adjust the protein-to-fat ratio. Proteins in SMP aid to stabilize the ice cream by forming a stable film around the air bubbles produced during manufacture.

Cheese Analogues/Processed Cheese: Due to its casein protein content, SMP can be used. Rennet, acidification, heat treatment or other factors can be used to coagulate the casein present in SMP, producing the characteristic semi-firm gel of cheese-type products.

Meat Products: SMP improves the overall flavour and colour of meat products such as processed deli meats, sausages, smoked meats, etc. The water-binding capacity of SMP allows the meat products to retain moisture, giving them a plump appearance and leads to less shrinkage and leaking, improved slicing qualities and increased yield.

The list of SMP applications is almost endless. New uses are continually discovered and research with SMP milk powder and other milk proteins is prevalent. Other applications include:

- coffee whiteners and cream liqueurs (SMP emulsifies and provides smooth texture)

- some cereal products

- substitute for eggs in various products (SMP acts as the emulsifier)

- battered and breaded products for flavour, adhesion and browning

- frostings and puddings

- animal feed for nutritive content

- reconstituted as a medium for producing cultures and starters

NOVA Skimmed Milk Powder is worth its value in Gold and a condiment ready for use in most of your favorite recipes at home.

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