Skimmed Milk Powder – Healthier Alternative to Milk

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If we talk about the benefits obtained from milk, then nothing at the same level can match its nutritional value. 

Recently, Skimmed Milk Powder has emerged as a healthier alternative to whole milk as it contains a low amount of fats & almost the same ratio of nutrients as found in milk.

The best & healthier option for people who are on a low-fat diet.

That's why Skimmed Milk Powder is also called " low-fat milk ". Different brands of milk powder are available in the market. Amarnath Milk Foods is a fast-growing best quality Skimmed Milk Powder supplier in India. 

They use fresh cow milk for manufacturing their dairy products.

 Let's discuss the health benefits of Amarnath Skimmed Milk Powder.

 Process of formation of Skimmed Milk Powder- 

The manufacturing process involves the separation of water & fats from fresh pasteurized cow milk that involves different steps such as pre-heating of milk followed by next evaporation. Spray drying is done to obtain Spray Dried Skimmed Milk Powder which is packaged & stored.

The powder obtained is free-flowing & doesn't stick to containers or vessels in which it's stored.

Where can Skim Milk Powder be used?

It is used in a several products and replaced in almost recipes which include the use of fresh milk.

  • Beverages - Tea/coffee
  • Bakery Products - biscuits, cakes, pastries, biscuits, muffins, etc.
  • Dairy Products
  • Confectionery food items- chocolates, milk chocolates, ice creams, etc.
  • Snacks
  • Processed meats

Why Skimmed Milk Powder is preferred over milk?

Skimmed milk Powder has major benefits which are - 

  • Low Fat Levels - Fat % in Whole milk - 3.5% fat & Skimmed Milk Powder- 0-0.5% fat.  It remains almost fat-free. That's why it's considered mostly by people who are on a strict diet with low calories. The fat amount is reduced during its making. 
  • Balancing Sugar Levels - Skimmed Milk Powder helps diabetic people in maintaining their sugar levels & fulfills the complete requirements of dairy products. Also weight & cholesterol level remains at a normal level.
  • Longer Shelf Life - The presence of low moisture after water removal inhibits bacterial growth. Hence long shelf life of almost 2 years.
  • Health Benefits - Major comes that usually comes in the mind of people that is skimmed milk powder has enough nutrients making it a healthier alternative to whole milk. The answer is yes.

It's highly rich in almost all nutrients found in milk. Some of the health benefits are – 

  1.  Rich source of protein & essential amino acids- That helps in building strong muscles.
  2. More Calcium- Calcium lowers the risk of occurrence of heart diseases and also keeps healthy teeth, bones & blood flow.
  3. Vitamin D & B12 - Vitamin D is beneficial for building stronger muscles. Vitamin B12 helps in making red blood cells & keeping the nervous system healthy
  4. Rich in Phosphorus ( builds energy & maintains normal heartbeat ) & Potassium ( prevents cramps & fatigues in the body )

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