Skills to look for before choosing your Drupal developer

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Choosing to hire a Drupal Developer with advanced skills is important to get an ROI-driven website built with Drupal CMS. And here’s the article with all the required skill sets of an expert Drupal developer. 


Drupal is now considered one of the leading Content Management Systems or CMSs. As a robust and powerful open-source framework, this CMS has become a favoured choice for many web developers now. Drupal sites are highly secure and high-performing. However, building a successful Drupal site needs experienced and skilled Drupal developers. Hence, if you want a Drupal website for your business you need to hire a Drupal developer having substantial knowledge of the framework. 


So, now how can you find a skilled developer or a team of proficient Drupal developers? Well, here’s the answer to this question. 


Skill sets your Drupal developer must possess. 


A strong grasp of different PHP frameworks and PHP language:

A strong grasp of PHP scripting language and different PHP-based frameworks is essential to work with Drupal CMS. You cannot be a pro in using this Content Management System until and unless you are an expert in using PHP programming language and the related frameworks available. This is because every version of this CMS is built on either PHP or on any of the PHP-based frameworks like Symfony, etc. 


Custom Drupal web development also depends on how much knowledge you have on JQuery and MySQL as well. Having an in-depth understanding of MySQL is important to set up and manage your Drupal database. And JQuery helps you to easily carry out the standard DOM effects, events, and all the Ajax functions. 


So, these were the fundamentals a Drupal developer must be aware of. 


Experience in installing and building Drupal modules:

The modules of this CMS make sit possible to easily integrate various third-party tools into the sites. Hence, this makes your site a hub for easily accessing some of the most frequently used tools and also makes the website a highly customised tool itself that your visitors can use. 


An ideal Drupal developer must know the right ways to install different modules as per the project requirements including the Panels modules, Views modules, and the cTools modules. However, having a familiarity with different modules and their installation processes can make you capable of easily installing any of these modules your website may need. 


Also, in addition to module installation, a good Drupal developer should also know how to develop these modules. Say you, being a Drupal developer, are having a website idea in mind but you don’t have the required module available in the CMS. In this case, you will have to build the required custom module for the project. 


Knowledge of Drupal theme development:

Modules may provide most of the functionalities to your Drupal website but then what about the UI/UX design? Your site’s theme will significantly affect the visual appearance or the UI of the site and in turn, the user experience. Alongside your module development skills, you need to have a good understanding and practical experience of Drupal theme development as well for a stunning UI design. 


While this CMS comes with over 20,000 themes, there are chances that you may mind the appropriate theme for your site but there are also chances that the available themes may not match your requirements. Well, in this case, you have to be capable of building custom themes. 


A solid understanding of version control with Git:

Managing project files is easier with Git. Developers can store the project codes for every version of the Drupal project. With this, if the developer finds something wrong with the codes, later on, he or she can get back to the stored codes of the previous version in GitHub. This makes it essential to have a thorough understanding of Git when you are working with Drupal. 


Debugging and updating Drupal sites:

Another essential skill a Drupal developer must possess is the ability to identify and fix bugs in the codes and the site. The professional must be an expert in finding the errors during the programming process and addressing and debugging the same to save time and other major issues later on. Also, he or she must ensure the site is always up-to-date to offer the best user experience. 


Familiarity with Drupal security:

The developer should be familiar with Drupal security features to use these features in the site and ensure its safety against external threats and malware. A secure site will also perform high. 


While there are millions of Drupal developers out there, finding and choosing a skilled one is essential to get the best-in-class services. 


Jonathan Paul is the most experienced Drupal developer of a leading web development company in Australia, PHPProgrammers. The author has written this article to let you know about the most essential skill sets to look for before choosing to hire a Drupal developer for your next project. 

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