Six Signs That Suggest That You Need A Professional Transcriber

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Transcription is a huge industry in the modern world; many businesses hire a transcriber to do all kinds of transcription-related tasks, such as video, audio, etc. 

Transcription UK is in popular demand in almost every field, including business, pharmaceutical, Sports, et cetera. 

What is a Transcription? 

"When a person listens to an audio or a video and types out everything he/she hears is referred to as transcribing." Now, these media files can include conferences, business calls, et cetera.

Types of Transcription  

  • Verbatim: It is a word-for-word transcription of the given audio or video. It includes filler words like "uh-huh," "um," et cetera.

  • Intelligent Verbatim: It is a more filtered form of verbatim transcription and does not include filler words.

  • Edited: Edited verbatim is a highly filtered and clear transcript. Edited transcription is commonly used in a professional setting.

Why Do You Need a Professional Transcriber? 

Given below are six signs that indicate that you need a professional transcriber :

1. Your website is loaded with content

If your website has a lot of content in video or audio format, you can hire a transcriber to transform those videos or audio into a blog post or an article.

Written content like blog posts and articles contain keywords that help Google determine whether your content is useful to the searcher or not hence improving or degrading the ranking of your website.

By creating blogs or articles out of videos or audio on your website, you can help your website grow faster. You can elevate your website with Transcription UK since it helps you increase your content output ability.

2. Making a log of important Business meetings

Having a log of what happened during an important meeting is a must for a company, as it helps in reviewing the key points raised during the meeting. This can easily be achieved with the help of a transcriber.

Just record the audio of the meeting and leave the rest to the transcriber. 

3. Business Calls

Business calls can be anything ranging from video conferences to customer care calls to data research calls; keeping a written log of these calls can help you make a more informed decision about your company. You hire a professional transcriber for this task, increasing productivity and saving time for your company.

4. Your subordinates are not good at transcription.

Transcription is a hard task; identifying each speaker correctly and what they are saying, writing it down, and not making any mistakes takes real skills. Thus, entrusting your assistant or others to do it is not a good idea. 

5. You are always on the internet.

Suppose you are someone who gets interviewed a lot or is on the news often. You hire a professional transcriber to get these interviews transcribed into blog posts or articles; you can publish these blogs and articles on your website to generate more traffic, increasing your google ranking.

6. You Need Privacy

Confidentiality is very important for a business, and you can ensure that by hiring someone who knows its value. Sometimes you may have some content that can not be shared with your team or others; you can hire a professional transcriber to help you transcribe your content without the risk of your content being leaked. 


A good transcription can help your business grow quicker; making a blog post out of a 30-minute video is not an easy task; it requires skills and hard work. So, hiring a good transcriber is very important. A professional transcriber will provide an industry-grade transcript of your content in a short period while charging the optimum fee. Elevate your business with Transcription UK.

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