Sinus Tests and Available Treatment Options

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Summary: The present article is all about the screening and the various treatment options available for sinus.

Sinus does not only make you feel uncomfortable but gives you obstructed sleep and can be a major cause behind your headaches. If you feel that you have been suffering from the disease, get the right diagnosis first.

When you visit your doctor, he will first feel the tenderness inside your nose and then look inside it. Images taken during the screen test using MTI or CT can show the details of the sinuses and the entire nasal area. The disease can be due to a deeper inflammation or may be due any physical obstruction which cannot be detected with endoscope. Sometimes, samples of the nasal discharge is taken and cultured for the diagnosis.

Treatment Procedure:

When you visit a good Fort Myers ENT clinic, you would be able to find different treatment procedures that may include the following:

Nasal Corticosteroids:

These are the nasal sprays that can prevent and treat nasal inflammation. Triamcinolone, budesonide and fluticasone are some of the nasal corticosteroids. This is just a basic Sinus treatment if the sprays have not been effective, doctors recommend rinsing with saline solution using a nasal mist.

Saline nasal irrigation:

Nasal sprays or solutions can reduce the drainage and can rinse away the allergies and irritants.

Injected or Oral Corticosteroids:

These medications are used for relieving inflammation from the severe sinusitis when you have severe sinus especially in the nasal polyps. These corticosteroids can lead to the serious side-effects in the long run and can be used for treating the severe symptoms.

Aspirin Desensitization Treatment:

If you ever had reactions to the aspirin which has led to the sinusitis then under the medical supervision you would be given larger doses that can increase your tolerance level.


They become all the more necessary in a few cases if you have bacterial infection. If there is no such underlying infection leading to the sinus, your doctor would recommend antibiotic and other similar medicines.


If you think allergies are a prime cause of your sinusitis, immunotherapy will be effective in this case. It reduces the reaction of your body to certain types of allergens for improving over and all health conditions.

Sinus Surgery:

If you are resistant to antibiotics or other forms of medicines then Sinus surgery is recommended. In this surgical procedure, doctors make use of a super thin and flexible tube that has an attached light endoscope to find out the sinus route. Turbinate reduction is a minor surgical procedure where in inferior nasal turbinates’ are examined and reduced in size for improving nasal air flow.

Depending on the severity of disease and the source blocking the air passage, doctors may use various instruments for removing the tissues and shave way the polyp. This enlarges a constricted sinus opening.

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