Single Glazed vs Double Glazed Windows

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If you ever noticed at the windows of your home, you will know that the outside weather and the temperature in your room are directly affected by them. It is because the choice between single glazed windows and double glazed windows will decide the degree to which you have temperature control in your home. The efficacy of double glazed windows is underestimated by many. The fact is that the double glazing windows have a major advantage when compared to single glazing vs. double glazing windows. 

In this article, we will compare these two types of residential windows to help you select the correct one.

Advantages of Single Glazed Windows:

Single glazed windows are single pane glass windows. Single pane is built into the frame. While there are some distinct advantages of single glazed windows but they are not as effective as double glazed windows. Newer frames aren't always needed in the Single Glazed Windows. They can be used in older window sills and window frames, due to the fact that only one glass panel is used in single glazing. This does not mean that you always remove the old window frame when selecting single windows. Single glazing windows are suitable for tropical and hot climates. If you live in an area that is popular for its hot and tropical climate, you won't need any form of heat retention at home. Energy can not be stored in the single-panel windows, because they are in direct contact with outside weather elements. Which is, if you're living in a tropical and hot environment, you can go for single-panel windows as they don't retain heat. It is where residential windows installation with single glazing score over double glazed windows.

Disadvantages of Single Glazed Windows: 

Less Insulation capacity - The insulation level given in single glazing windows is virtually non-existent. The outside weather will start to affect the temperature inside, sooner than later. The temperature, as well as the weather conditions, will be reflected within your home unless and until you have a good climate control system.

Inefficient Noise resistant - However, because it consists of only one panel of glass, it can more easily penetrate any noise produced outside or in the vicinity. That's why it won't insulate against externally generated noise.

Less Durable - They are less durable. They crack quickly. On impact, they will shatter. Therefore; the level of protection that is given is not the same as double glazing.

In short, while single glazed windows may give you some advantages, they are not that efficient overall, especially in cold countries.

Advantages of Double Glazed Windows:

Double glazed windows are made of two glass panes. The vacuum between the 2 glass panes is filled either with inert gas or with tight pressure. There is an extra level of insulation provided due to the existence of this vacuum. Some of the reasons why double glazed windows are better than single glazed ones. You will know that there are quite a few when you look at the advantages of double glazing. We'll go into these details below.

Adequate Insulation - One of the main advantages of double glazed windows is the layer of insulation offered between 2 glass panes. This can be filled with vacuum or inert gas. In both cases, it serves as a buffer between the outside weather conditions and the inside climate. The insulation level given in double glazed windows is therefore on the higher side. This means that the temperature inside, or the atmosphere within, is effectively insulated from weather factors.

Energy Efficient - As we discussed above, maintaining the correct temperature inside regardless of the outside weather is simpler for the climate control system in your house. This is because the inside glass pane is not directly exposed to the outside prevailing temperature. It is in contact with the inside air and is about the temperature of the room. It means that there's no need for the climate control system to work hard round the clock to regulate the room temperature.

Noise Prevention - When you're living on a busy street, double glazed windows are nearly a must. Double glazed windows help to block out the noise outside. This means your home stays much calmer and quieter. Thanks to the extra insulation offered by double glazed windows, the sound of the traffic, as well as any construction in progress nearby, is removed to a greater extent.

Higher Safety Margin - You can be sure that those windows are much more stable with the extra glass plate. We are more difficult to hack through. In addition, they are also able to handle a greater amount of effects. So wear and tear in these windows is very minimal. However, as they are much more durable and solid they have a high margin of protection.

And if you're confused between single glazing and double glazing, you have to take all of the above considerations into account or get free expert advice from Imagine Home Improvement Services London. In Short, although the initial cost of double-glazed windows is higher than single-glazed alternatives, they can pay for themselves over time, with lower energy costs. That makes them the perfect choice for new homes and refurbishments.

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