Simple Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

by Kevin Smith Author

Indoor air quality is much more important than most people give it credit for. It plays a huge part in your and your family’s health, along with the overall safety of your home. Improving the air quality in your home can help to mitigate allergy symptoms and avoid asthma flare-ups. Keep reading to learn a few simple ways you boost the air quality in your home.

Clean Up

A clean house is a healthy house. By keeping your home neat and tidy, you can limit the amount of dust, mold, and pet dander inside and keep the air cleaner. One of the most important parts of your home cleaning plan is vacuuming. Using a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter, vacuum the carpets and area rugs once or twice a week. You can also cut down on allergens by choosing hard-surface flooring instead of rugs. Make sure you are also cleaning bedding, drapes, and other linens regularly, especially if you have pets. Additionally, clean up the clutter since it can quickly accumulate and hold dust.

Open the Windows

Even when the weather gets colder, it is always a good idea to open the windows every so often to let the fresh air in. This can help to get rid of contaminants and remove the stale air from your home. Use kitchen fans, too, in order to remove cooking fumes and potential air contaminants.

Change the Filters

The filter of your heating and cooling systems must be cleaned or replaced regularly. This can help to eliminate dust and other airborne irritants from your home. You can contact one of the best indoor air quality contractors in Gainesville, GA, for more information on how to improve the air quality.

Keep the Plants Outdoors

Some plants are advertised as being able to naturally improve air quality since they release oxygen. However, recent studies have found that the effects of these plants are negligible. Additionally, plants can collect mold, which may set off your allergies and cause more issues with air quality. It’s best to avoid plants inside the home altogether and instead decorate with fake ones.

Purchase an Air Purifier

This is one solution that is most recommended by indoor air quality contractors in Gainesville, GA. Air purifiers work to capture some of the irritants that cause allergy attacks. Though you may not be able to get rid of them entirely, you can cut down on them significantly, which may solve your health problems. 

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