Simple Tips To Preventing Stretchmarks When You're Pregnant

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You are in your 1st trimester and is dying to find out how to prevent stretchmarks during pregnancy. After all, your mummy and sisters are all sufferers of those ugly lines and it's unavoidable you're concerned.
 Are your genetics built against you? Are you destined to live with those stretchmarks whilst expecting the little one?

While there are a lot of reasons why one gets stretchmarks during their pregnancy, be aware that they can be prevented. In fact, doctors or even your friends are likely to encourage you to do so. After all, prevention is always better than cure. The question is, how?

There are an extensive variety of lotions, oils and ointments which lay claims to preventing stretchmarks. A few of them are mentioned in many health magazines or periodicals. You might even have acquaintances or fellow expectant mums advocating a specific brand of copper inclusive cream, cocoa butter etcetera. Although some ladies swear by them, almost all of these off-the-rack products aren't laboratory proven. Although they seem to be aneasy and common reply to people's inquiry on how to prevent stretchmarks during pregnancy.

That said, it definitely does not hurt to grant your baby a comforting and warm rub down with these creams and oils. After all, most of these ointments have awesome moisturising effect and keeps your skin fresh and supple. More significantly however, you'll also feel secured knowing that you have done what you can to keep stretchmarks away. That has an enormous mental effect on your overall well-being.

A different preventive measure is to keep an eye on your diet and only acquire the amount of weight suggested by your doctor. Which averages out to between twenty-four to thirty-five pounds. These recommendations are usually supported by numerous considerations like your existing weight, your baby's size, your medical history and so forth. By moderating your weight gain in various stages of your pregnancy, you set up your skin for the stretching and therefore lower the likelihood of getting stretchmarks.

Other than adhering to the weight gain limitations, another two methods to lower your chances of acquiring stretchmarks is to remain well hydrated and exercise often. Taking in at the least, eight glasses of water daily will not only keep your body and skin moisturised, it gushes out your bodily toxic materials. Which is awesome for your overall health too. You can also buy those enriched drinks like Calc Fluor 6X, which includes an additional elasticity common salt and other elements great for your baby and you. Frequent workout also helps strengthen your skin and keeps it firm. Firmer skin is better, more elastic and hence less likely to get stretchmarks.

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