Simple Tips For Selling Estate Jewelry

by Kevin Smith Author

Having a nice collection of jewelry can be helpful for a number of reasons. When you find that you no longer wear the rings and necklaces that you used to love, it could be a wise idea to sell. Sitting on your jewelry does you no good and you could easily use the money you gain from the sale to take care of other financial obligations or spluge a bit. To get started with this process, you need to look for estate jewelry buyers in Atlanta who might be a good fit.

Before heading out, there is a bit of work you need to take care of yourself. Look at these tips and you are going to have an easier time selling your jewelry to an interested party for the best price possible.

Know What You Have

Jewelry is tricky. You could easily think that a ring you’ve been wearing for decades is worth something, only to discover it isn’t made up of the materials you had believed. The best way to figure out what jewelry you have is by looking over any papers you might have lingering around your home from purchases. Since jewelry is often given as a gift, this might not be entirely possible with some pieces. Having jewelry appraised could help you figure out the value but this service can cost you a bit also.

Documenting what you own can also be helpful when you are trying to find potential buyers. You might not feel comfortable walking around with a lot of jewelry when visiting estate jewelry buyers in Atlanta. Taking photos of everything you own and giving them to interested parties along with pertinent details about the jewelry can help to paint a clear picture for those who are looking to buy from you. Take your time and collect as much information as you can on each piece to get a well-rounded idea of what you’ve got.

Popular Trends

Your success with selling your estate jewelry is also going to fluctuate depending on the current trends of the industry. If a specific item is very popular right now, then you can probably command a decent price from it. On the other side of things, items that buyers already have plenty of are not going to be useful in your endeavors.

If you are looking to make a little extra cash and have a lot of jewelry you never wear, you could find a happy solution by selling to estate jewelry buyers in Atlanta. Find interested parties and see what you might be able to get from your possessions.

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