Signs That Indicates You Need a Spine Doctor

by Milla James Daily Business News

There could be certain underlying signs of your body that are saying that you need to consult the best spine doctor in India. But what exactly are these signs? Explore it right below.

Extreme Pain

You can identify whether or not your pain is chronic.

Severe pain happens for a short time and occurs for a few days or even weeks. The biggest challenge in this pain is that the cause will disappear.

If your pain doesn’t go away even after four weeks, it is a subacute pain. This pain can last for 12 whole weeks.

These pains are mechanical, which means these can be treated without surgery. Sometimes you just need a trip to your chiropractor.

Chronic pain lasts more than 12 weeks and can occur even after the injuries or conditions have been treated.

Almost 20% of individuals are affected by this pain, especially in the lower back. If you have faced such chronic pain, get in touch with specialists.

Bladder & Bowel Issues

Do you spend most of your time sitting on the toilet? You need the help of specialists. If you don’t address your bowel or bladder issues on time, you could get Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and nerve damage.

Having this syndrome can lead to extreme stool and abdominal cramps, which results in lower back problems.

Vice versa, nerve damage in the back can also be the reason behind abdominal pain and poor digestion.

Best Spine Doctor in India

Pain in Leg or feet

Do you feel numbness or pain in your feet or leg? The back issue is the direct sign of that.

Your hip, leg, and feet become weak when there is extreme pressure on the nerves of your spine or back. You can also feel a tingling sensation too.

A herniated disk can also be applying more pressure on the sciatic nerve that inhibits the muscle of your leg(s).

In this situation, you need the help of a spine surgery in India specialist.


It’s normal to get a fluctuating temperature.

But if your fever is high and you have severe discomfort in the thoracic spine or lumbar, find out the issue.

A muscle strain can also lead to fever or flu. If you have constant back pain, having flu is no surprise.

Sometimes, flu and other diseases can make bodies hyper-aware of any discomfort or pain. Hence getting pain and fever together doesn’t possibly mean that you have spine issues. To determine the reason, you need the help of specialists.

Weight Loss

Have you lost weight with regular exercising, but back pain is killing you? If yes, this could be because of newfound weight.

By cutting on calories, you might be depriving some necessary nutrients of your body. If you have unintentionally lost weight, it’s time to get in touch with the doctor.

Do you have any of the above signs?

If yes, it’s time to get in touch with the best spine doctor in India. Only the right doctor will identify the exact issues, provide you with certain medication, & suggest some exercises.

So reach one today!

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