Signs and Symptoms of Sinusitis

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The present article is all about the different signs and symptoms of sinusitis. Given here are a few signs that are manifestation of the disease.

If you have difficulty in breathing and constant headaches, you may be suffering from the problem of sinusitis. The disease occurs when the spaces inside the nose and head get swollen and inflamed for a longer period of time and you continue experiencing difficulty in breathing despite treatment.

How Do You Know You Have Sinusitis?

There are a number of signs and symptoms that are a clear manifestation of the fact that you have been suffering from the disease. You begin to experience these symptoms:

·         Nasal inflammation

·         Thick discolored nasal discharge continuously.

·         Nasal congestion and obstruction causing difficulty in breathing through the nose.

·         Pain and swelling around the eyes or forehead

·         Reduced sense of taste and smell.

There are several other signs also that make clear you are suffering like you begin to experience ear pain, cough or throat clearing, you may experience sore throat, fatigue, aching in the upper jaw, bad breath and a lot more. If you have these symptoms, you should get yourself checked at Fort Myers Ears, Nose & Throat Clinic.

Though chronic sinusitis and acute sinusitis may have similar symptoms and signs but the actue sinusitis is just a temporary infection of the sinuses often linked with common cold. Symptoms and signs of the chronic sinusitis may last up to as much as 12 weeks. However, before developing chronic sinusitis you see many symptoms of acute sinusitis. Though fever may or may not be a common sign of chronic sinusitis but in case of acute sinusitis, you are sure to have fever.

When to See Doctor?

Most of the people think that Sinusitis is just a normal condition but when things begin to go out of their hands, they are likely to get wary. Sinus can take an ugly turn and can lead to several headaches on a daily basis and several other breathing problems also. So, it is good to get in touch with a good Fort Myers ENT clinic and get the best treatment.

When to See a Doctor and Seek Treatment?

It is good to get the treatment on time. If you think that you have been suffering from the signs and symptoms for a long time, it is good to schedule a meet with a doctor. If you have sinusitis symptoms that last for more than 10 days and the condition does not relent. It is good to see the doctor immediately if you have severe headaches, swelling in the forehead, confusions, fever, stiff neck, forehead swelling, redness around the eyes etc.

Sinusitis can be due to allergy from the pollutants also so if you think that this is the cause, you can visit a good Fort Myers Allergy Clinic for the right treatment. 

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