Significant ways to get more leads with ringless voicemail solutions

by Ambreen Sajjad Content Marketer

Ringless voicemail is the latest technology which is now allowing telemarketers and call center agents to drop an effective voicemail message without calling their customer or prospects. This factor is making the ringless voicemail technology much unique from the traditional telemarketing.

This innovative technology works best with mobile phones. It usually calls the business landline of your cell phone service provider and then delivers the voice message to your customer through the traditional phone line. Now your cell phone service provider will deliver that message through the system allocated to your customer, and then send a notification about it to their respective customer.

Get more inbound calls:

Face to face selling is considered as one of the effective ways to sell your services because it provides numerous amazing advantages that other sale methods don’t. While selling face to face, you can simply get a complete attention of your client. This is quite different while selling a webinar with numerous attendees, and having all the attendees to watch the game on the TV at the same time. Selling by a call also provides these advantages, and that’s why telemarketing or call center agent can utilize the ringless voicemail method to engage their customers and get more inbound calls.

Put your clients into an IVR to qualify them:

There are many businesses that spend loads of resources to convert leads who are not even willing to buy. But wasting time and money on these resources will usually end up with no effective results. In case of ringless voicemail, it simply provides an excellent opportunity to segment all the relevant leads. So when they give a response to your voicemail, you can simply put them into an IVR system and can qualify them according to your needs. If a person is not ready to buy your services, then you can also place them into a funnel. If someone is willing to buy your services, then you can also connect them to that salesperson who would make a sale and then turn the lead into your customer.

Send an SMS to ringless voicemail and ask users to click a link:

If you want to increase the effectiveness of voicemails, then you can consider leaving a ringless voicemail message by simultaneously sending a text message with the proper link to your website. Generally, your conversions would also go up every time you provide numerous ways to respond. And when your message and offer both will be same, then the people would definitely click the link you have sent an SMS.

Direct users:

Ringless voicemail usually has a good listen-to rate as it also quite non-threatening. While walking through some physical retail store, many people would never talk to a salesperson as they will be afraid that the salesperson will try to sell something. That’s the reason why many people only say that they were “just looking” when the salesperson in a store provides them a help. The same thing happens with the phone interactions, people believe that they will need to deal with the pushy salesperson and they obviously do not like this thing at all. So because of this, directing users to your website could be a great suggested action for those who listen to your voicemail.

The best thing one can do if a person is not buying something at the moment is, to build a follow-up system and then utilize the voicemail technology as a part of it. When someone is not attending your call, you can also drop them an effective voicemail. If you need more clever suggestions and useful advises, you can approach VoIP Terminator professionals for a quick assistance.



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