Significance of Cork Friction Material in Different Industries

by Crazzy Paul Digital Markting Professional
The impermeable buoyant substance is known as cork which comes when the layer of phellem of the bark tissue is been harvested for commercial purpose. This is commonly used in many products such as in wine bottle caps, bottle stoppers and many more as it has fire resistant properties as well as elastic properties. It is in demand among automobile companies, two-wheeler industries and it is also used in paper feeders in copy machines. This is the reason that cork frictional material manufacturer always faces high demand for corks.

Use of cork in technology:

Cork is considered as the most important substance in spacecraft as cork is an outstanding thermal insular. When a spacecraft takes off into space, its structure faces high temperature which is even more than a thousand degree-centigrade and the situation arrives in the arrival of the spacecraft back to earth. The thick layer of cork protects the spacecraft body from this high temperature and prevents it from catching flames.

Cork in wine bottles

Cork is doing its job pity well as a wine bottle closure. Apart from the wine material as well as the processing of the wine, the quality of the wine also depends upon how it is been stored. Cork friction material helps in preserving the quality of wine along with time and it also makes it sure that the quality and taste of the wine does not get affected.

Uses of corks in the leisure industry

Cork is commonly used in sports equipment and plays a crucial role in sports material industries. Hokey balls, cricket balls, golf balls and many other sports material is made up of cork material. It is also used in various ways in gift materials such as boards, stamps, picture boards and many more as its appearance is very much attractive and it feels very good when touched. Apart from all these things, cork friction material is also commonly used in mats, cigarette boxes, ashtrays etc. many other things are also prepared by combining cork with leather such as wallets, hand bags, file, and there are many more things in the list. The use of cork in the fashion and clothing industry has also increased day by day.

Availability of cork

There are various industries that cannot that would face problems if the supply of cork decreases that is the reason there is constant pressure on the cork supplier and exporter in India so that the cork supply is constant. It is commonly found in Portugal, North Africa, and Italy.

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