Shower Related Issues That Can Be Resolved Through DIY

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Showers are there in every bathroom of every home these days and because they are used so much, they wear away faster than any other plumbing related fitting. As a result, the most common problem that occurs is of leakage and there are many more there other than just leaking showers. Getting them repaired by the experts is the easiest solution, but in case, you are learned, experienced and have tools, you can attempt DIY as well. There are so many issues related to bathroom shower that you can rectify and repair on your own, provided that you have the knowledge and most importantly, the needed tools as well. Here in this post, we have discussed the most common one and repair techniques used by leaking showers experts.

Old Showerhead Replacement

Older shower head can work for around a decade and in some cases, it could break down unexpectedly sooner. In both the cases, the services of experts are required, but with necessary tools, things can be handled really well through DIY as well. You will just have to arrange a wrench and a bit of elbow grease and shut down the water supply for ten minutes. This much of time is enough to replace a faulty shower head satisfactorily. You can then replace it with a brand new one by screwing it into place.

Low Water Pressure

In case of low pressure of water, you will have to seek services from your local plumber, but experts say that with some knowledge and necessary tools, you can actually resolve this issue on your own. According to shower repair services experts, there are different issues to cause low water pressure and the most common of them all is the old or faulty shower head. But in some cases, this pressure could drop down because of issues in the shower diverter valve and any fault in it will cause pressure to drop down.

What Is Shower Diverter?

This is another component of the shower part and it usually sits behind the shower head and in case, it is faulty, you will have to twist it right side to remove and then, install a new one.

Put New Shower Caulk

Leaking showers can cause a significant amount of damage to the walls around, but the speed could be reduced by introducing new shower caulk. This can be done very easily through DIY and you’ll just have to take the following steps. 

•  Remove Old Caulk With A Razor Blade
•  Clean The Area, Where The Old Caulk Was With Rubbing Alcohol
•  Use Mould Killer On The Area Where The New Caulk Will Go
•  Utilize A Caulking Gun To Put Your New Caulk Into Place

New Shower Drain Flange

New shower drain flange installation is also very easy according to leaking shower experts and this is also an important point because it creates the seal to prevent water from leaking in the closed shower. If the seal is not tight enough to stop the water, you can replace the flange with the help of knowledge and required tools and the following steps.

•  Removing Your Drain Cover
•  Removing Your Drain Flange
•  Cleaning The Opening For Your Drain
•  Putting A New Drain Flange In And Sealing It With Plumber’s Putty
•  Testing Your Drain Flange To Make Sure It Doesn’t Leak

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