Should You Repair or Replace Your Car Tires?

by Peninsula Towing Towing Victoria

Your tires may come into contact with various road hazards, such as potholes, loose nails and screws. You have to choose whether to repair or replace a flat tire after acquiring one. Tire repair in Sidney, BC, is preferred because it is considerably more affordable than purchasing a new one.

However, there are situations when you shouldn't risk a blowout and go for a new tire is the best option. 

This article explains how to decide whether your tire needs to be replaced or can be fixed with tire repair in Victoria, BC.

1 – Tires have side bubbles.

If there is a bubble in your tire's sidewall, high-impact damage is probably to blame. Driving with a flat tire, hitting a pothole or curb the wrong way, speeding through speed bumps or railroad crossings, or overloading your tires are all potential causes of this problem.

Even though this minor bump may not seem dangerous, tires with side bubbles cannot be repaired by tire repair in Sidney, BC; thus, you should have the tire replaced as soon as possible.

2 – Punctured tires

There are restrictions, but tire repair in Victoria, BC, frequently fixes tire punctures. It is better and safer to replace the tire if the puncture is bigger than 1/4 of an inch in diameter. Nails are the most frequent reason for tire punctures; if the nail is thin enough, it might not even break through the tread.

The tire should be replaced if a nail or other piece of road debris punctures the sidewall or shoulder of the tire, which can happen with large nails like roofing nails.

3 – Tires with existing repairs

If the damage doesn't jeopardise a previously repaired area, tires that have been repaired can frequently be fixed again via tire repair in Victoria, BC. For instance, if the puncture location doesn't overlap with previous tire damage and the repair was done correctly, you might be able to perform a quick repair if you have a nail in your tire. If it occurs, a replacement will probably be required.

4 – Tires with low air pressure

You risk permanently damaging a tire if you drive on one that is flat or has too little air pressure. The inner liner of the sidewall will erode and weaken the tire sidewall when it is driven on a tire with insufficient air pressure, causing that portion of the sidewall to make touch with the road. Tire repair in Sidney, BC, would be unable to repair this damage because it wraps around the entire tire side.

Check your tire's air pressure with a tire pressure gauge at least once a month to ensure it is always maintained at the proper level.

Final thoughts

A qualified technician can correctly examine your tire and determine if it can be fixed or needs to be replaced. The experts at Peninsula Towing Services can help you with all types of tire repair in Sidney, BC.

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