Should You Paint Walls Before or After New Skirting Board Installation?

by William Jones manager

There’s no doubt about it- Skirting board installation is an intricate process requiring acquired mastery and deft hands. Respected suppliers select the highest quality of wood to blend expertly in immaculately symmetrical panels allowing fine cuts and liberal shaping. 

And only after grading the structure, quality installers install it into homes with matching wall paint and with finesse blending. 

This explanation somewhat answers the million dollar question - “Whether they should paint their walls before or after a new skirting board installation?”

Still, it makes sense to go over it in details.

Paint Before Skirt Board Installation- Many Believe It As The Right Way!

The initial thought of most homeowners is that painting walls first is the right way to go about it. More so, if all the old skirting, carpet and architrave is removed. 

Some even believe that the perk of painting the walls before a skirting board installation is not cutting in or around the woodwork existing on the wall architraves and skirting.

To perform the wall painting; one (either via DIY-ing or hiring a professional) is to use a roller to paint the walls properly and effectively without needing to swap brushes. This also leads many to believe that painting walls prior to skirt fitting can reduce effort and save a lot of time.  

But.. Painting The Wall Before Brings About Certain Inconveniences! 

James Fleming- a quality skirting installation in Perth opines:

“If you plan on painting your home walls before installing the skirt board, then it may prove to be hard work. And it may lead you to face these problems.  

This is why it is better to paint the walls after fitting skirt boards in Perth and that too with the help of a specialist.” 

A Gander At Those Problems.

  • Refitting The Plug Socket.

The most common inconvenience is when one notices a wonky looking plug socket. This means refitting the plug socket and bidding farewell to the newly painted wall surface.

  • If The Home Is Old With Inaccurate Measurements.

In old ancestral homes where some measurements may not be accurate enough, it makes skirt board installation more daunting after painting the wall. This is even more so when the door frame sits very close to the wall’s end, as one may find larger architrave needing more space to sit properly.

Another difficulty with old homes is that not all walls are uniformly square. If the architrave doesn’t fit; the hired skirting Installation specialists in Perth may not need to remove some of the existing plaster. This will again undo the fresh coat of paint given to the wall surface. 

  • And The Skirt Board Installation Can Lead To Messing Up The Painted Walls.

One of the biggest issues of fitting new skirt board (along with the architrave) after painting the home walls is the mess it creates afterwards. The skirt board needs to be cut and altered immaculately, and when doing it, all the dust that comes from it can make a mess of the newly painted walls. 

Furthermore, if the skirt board is put onto the painted wall, it tends to push against the wall surface. The board, to fit perfectly and adhere to the wall surface, will need to be pushed against the wall several times And when that happens, it may mean scuffing the painted wall severely. 

The Verdict:

All these facts and explanations make it clear that one should always paint their walls AFTER fitting their skirt boards. 

So, without delay, contact cheap yet reliable skirting boards fitting specialists in Perth and ensure 100% work satisfaction.

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