Should I invest in a coin or a token?

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In the cryptocurrency market, there have been various debates regarding where to invest the investor’s money. Should it go to the well-established crypto coins or the constantly rising crypto tokens? The answer is not a simple one, even after a lot of deliberation, to come up with a solid answer is next to impossible. There are various factors that can affect this decision, like the amount of money you are willing to invest and the cost of that particular coin or token.

 To take a look and to try to answer the question in the title, we need to look at the various pros and cons of coins and tokens and see which one is better. This article will do exactly that and tell you much more.

Pros and cons of a coin

Coins are well established. They have gained enough traction and popularity in the market to be called coins and various people have safely invested in them. They hold a good share in the market and can be exchanged for good amounts of money. If you have mined for a coin in the past and are now enjoying the benefits of it, you are a smart person, who deserves to reap those benefits. Coins have been in the market for the past decade, but have slowly gained traction, only to reach the peak in recent years due to the pandemic.

But every coin has two sides, be it a real one or a digital one. Crypto coins can be really expensive. People don’t even buy 1 BTC in one go, they buy minor fractions of it. Buying coins can be a real hassle. A lot of coins can be related to scams, that will drop in value as soon as a good amount of people invest in it, to benefit a single person.  

Pros and cons of a token

Tokens are cryptocurrencies that haven’t gained enough traction to be called coins yet. It is a token that can change the crypto market as it is now but has to gain enough awareness and popularity to become widespread and be called a coin. Every coin starts off as a token and the final destination of a token is becoming a successful coin. One big advantage of investing in a token is that you can get all the benefits of these major league coins for a much lower price. The reason is that these tokens are formed while keeping in mind how they will be after they become coins. One such example is the DogShow token. You should look into how to get DogShow Token.

There are some disadvantages too, though. There can be a good chance that they can be scams. Always make sure that the token you are investing in has a reliable source. For example, DogShow token is one of the best tokens out there, but investing in other tokens can be risky.


Tokens are better in the current scenario. If you are already holding a good amount of coins, that is your smarts being put to use, but if you have to invest now, go for tokens. DogShow tokens are a good place to start.

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