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Why Shoulder Boxes is Helpful for Shoes Shipping?

Shoe boxes can be manufactured out of any material that the consumer or the shoe may require from its packaging. They can be readily bought in standard shapes, whereas getting them in custom and personalized shapes and sizes is also not a painstaking ordeal. They can be ornamented with any beautifying personalization techniques. Digital and offset prints render them a touch of excellence while their manufacturing materials provide avid security to the shoe products that they carry inside of them. If required, these boxes can be added with a personalized die-cut display window.


Why Packaging for Shoes is First Priority?


Shoe boxes are known by their name and commended for their productivity and usability. Thanks to the modern packaging techniques and the express availability of several online and physical packaging vendors. Getting your hands on individualized packaging boxes for your shoes is not a thing to worry anymore. They can be personalized in the most adaptive way to provide maximum level of protection and a consummate display to the shoes that they carry within them. They can be modified and revamped to get the maximum revenues and benefits from them.


There are many options for manufacturers to choose from, for shipping their shoes. Technology has improved to the extent where they are getting the best packaging materials at great prices. But shoulder packaging is simply the finest form of shoe boxes for its unique capabilities that have been described here.


Ease of Packaging


Businesses sometimes have to meet many orders and this requires them to complete their business operations in as little time as possible. They tend to use packaging that is easier to assemble and work with. If the packaging is harder to assemble in crunch times, the orders get disrupted and this can affect the whole business strategy badly. Delayed orders are not helpful as they disappoint customers and make them look for alternatives that are readily available. But shoulder footwear boxes are different. It takes very little time to get into its final shape. Also, carrying shoulder boxes around is way easier than other boxes. It means that customers are saved a lot of time and energy which makes build perception of a brand.


Effective Protection


Shoulder shoe boxes storage is usually manufactured from high-quality materials that boast excellent protective capabilities. Materials such as cardboard and Kraft are well known for their protective capabilities and are deployed by a slew of brands to protect their shipments. The most amazing thing about these materials is their built-in protection. Their natural structure, without any modifications, is well-suited to offering superb safety for products. For instance, the layers in cardboard are instrumental in offering cushion to the products that are packed in it. Similarly, it is also moderately resistant to moisture and humidity.


Protective add-ons


There are always options available if one wants to amplify the protection that these materials offer. For instance, in flute boxes, more flutes can be added to upgrade the box to the next level of protection - the best protection is offered by E-Flute which is the thickest of all the options. Moreover, there are some popular layers that can be used as add-ons to original protection. There is a special UV layer that does not only protect the packaging from detrimental UV rays but also keeps the surface smooth by keeping scratches and smudges to a minimum.




Brands and customers both are always trying to spend as little as possible on shipping. When all the costs such as packaging, customs, etc are added, the cost of shipments overall can quickly spiral out of control. Hence, it is always important to employ the kind of packaging that is not too heavy on the wallet and is affordable for everyone, not just for a section of consumers. There is something interesting about shoulder boxes. They are considered luxury shoe boxes but its price is quite reasonable. Plus it is also lightweight which helps with costs. The heavier the package, the more are its shipping costs. But shoulder packaging avoids this headache easily because its weight is always quite manageable.


Zero Environmental Hazard


With the rise in global warming, both manufacturers and customers are scrambling to find sustainable solutions to their ways of life. Companies are increasingly turning to materials that are green, which essentially means the materials that are friendly towards the natural habitat and do not play any role in dismantling it. Millions of products are shipped every day which means there is a lot of potential waste is being generated through shipping. But it can be reduced by making packaging eco-friendly. And here is where shoulder packaging takes the lead. It is manufactured from sources that have been established as the best for saving the planet.




They have unmatched green properties such as recyclability and biodegradability. People can take their products out of the packaging and then repurpose the packaging for different uses. This ensures that the packaging is used as much as possible and not wasted. If only the waste from packaging is reduced, the environment can benefit immensely from this change. With less waste, the environment will be much cleaner than it is now.




Another aspect of corrugated shoe boxes that makes them special is that they are purely biodegradable. Biodegradability is a a preferable characteristic these days for packaging. It allows the packaging to degrade naturally and on its own. So, if the consumers think that they have had enough of their box or it is no longer useable after some time, they can throw it and it would not contribute to any waste because it will decompose within a short period.


All these benefits of shoulder packaging make it one of the most suitable options for shipping shoes. It is designed specifically for packaging products safely and shipping them securely to their destinations. It has proven to be effective on every measure on which modern custom rigid packaging is judged. Hence, for shoes too, it is the perfect form of packaging.



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