She’s Pregnant, Is He Pregnant Too?

by Prapti Chauhan Prapti Chauhan

Dear dads-to-be! 

It’s been almost 5 months that your partner is pregnant. Seeing her changing every day during this pregnancy journey, has also started to make you feel pregnant. Right? 

Well! May be.

It’s funny! But you’ll notice that, you’re also gaining weight along with your partner. You’d also feel your appetite is slowly changing and you’ll also be feeling a little queasy throughout the day. 

 Aren’t you? 

In short, these are all sympathetic pregnancy symptoms in you, which are also known as Couvade Syndrome.  

So, what is Couvade Syndrome? 

The word “Couvade” is derived from the French word, “couvee”, which means “to hatch”. This word is associated with a man’s having “sympathetic pregnancy” for his pregnant partner. 

Yes! It further indicates that, that dads-to-be might start vomiting, gaining weight and enjoying the same amount of happiness just like the pregnant mother. 

Well! This is a condition which is expected to start by the end of the first trimester and has the tendency to rise with its severity by the third trimester.

So, what causes Couvade Syndrome? 

This is a question which cannot be answered with all certainty. As there is no one theory that can really explain about the occurrence and development of this syndrome. Even theories need to be scientifically proven, when it comes to Couvade Syndrome in you, the expecting dad. 

However, some probable reasons might be cited, like: 


As expectant parents you might either feel happy or extremely anxious about the arrival of your baby, thus marking a change in your personality as an adult, who has an added role in the society. It is believed that these emotional swings, common to a pregnant mother, might result in somatic symptoms in you too. As a dad-to-be, you might feel this emotional swing is due to the change in your life after the newly added responsibility, which you might have to take upon your shoulders once your baby arrives.  

Hormonal Changes

Yes! The attack of hormones gives a satisfactory explanation for Couvade Syndrome. In fact, it has a relation with hormonal changes. But it is yet to be scientifically proven. However, some studies have indicated that, in the first and third trimester- your pregnant partner’s prolactin and oestrogen levels soars. Similarly, your testosterone and cortisol levels are also on the higher side, thus adding to your tiredness, weight gain and appetite changes.

Feeling of Attachment

Those of you, expectant fathers, who are more involved in your partner’s pregnancy, may be by listening to the foetal heartbeat, feeling the baby kicks and so on are more susceptible to the syndrome. In fact, your active participation in pregnancy-friendly events, even antenatal classes not just makes you closer to the baby, who is on the way, but also helps you to identify the role of a future father in you.

Is there a way to treat this Syndrome?

Since this syndrome doesn’t cause any harm and can get cured on its own, there’s no specific treatment method followed. Except, you, as a dad-to-be can find yoga and meditation to be really relaxing.  

To Conclude

Remember, if you, an expectant dad are facing this syndrome, you’re not alone. You can seek advice from family and friends and can definitely consult you therapist for any further challenges in this condition. 

Author Bio: Prapti Chauhan is a professor of Genetics in Bangalore. She has contributed to several online research papers. However, she passionately develops contents on pregnancy, childbirth, childcare and baby's stem cell banking and umbilical cord lining and more.

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