Seven Skills Every Successful Transcriptionist Must Have

by Michael Griffin Michael

Although a large number of individuals do not pay much attention to and some might even consider it as an extremely menial occupation, working as a transcriptionist is quite difficult calling for substantial amounts of hard work as well as commitment. Now everyone can join an organisation and learn the technicalities associated with transcribing an audio or video, but to become utterly successful they must also consider cultivating certain essential skills. To know more regarding this, readers are requested to buy some time and go through the below-mentioned pointers.

  • Focused Listening

According to the professionals working in top business transcription companies, it is significant for a transcriptionist to listen very carefully, gain an accurate understanding, and jot down comprehensible parts despite the series of disturbances such as cross talk, background noise, soft voices, etc. that a file has.

  • Excellent Memory

Apart from listening with utmost caution, having an excellent memory is also known for helping in transcriptions. Rather than pausing a file or replaying it frequently for typing, an ideal professional would be able to precisely remember complicated as well as lengthy dialogues without any sort of hassle.

  • Attention to Details

An efficient transcriptionist takes note of every minute detail. For example, if the speaker said ‘like’ thrice in a sentence, he or she would type the word for that exact number of times. Utterances such as ‘uhm’, ‘uh-huh’, ‘hmm’ also treasures diverse notations and stand necessary for market researchers. Laughter and silences must be captured too.

  • Adaptive

Lately many sectors, starting from insurance to interviews, podcasts, dissertation, seminars, thesis notes, and webinars require transcription. Thus, a professional must be exceptionally adaptive to grasp various topics in short time period and turn them into sensible records of superior quality. 

  • Punctuations, Grammar, and Spelling

Clients prefer clean texts that could be read and understood easily. Hence, it is exceptionally crucial for a transcriptionist to have profound knowledge regarding grammar and punctuation marks as well as high spelling proficiencies. While in the present times, varied digitised tools are available for identifying mistakes, a tidied document could only be generated if the person working on it is determined to prevent basic but mortifying slipups. 

  • Typing Speed and Accuracy

An average person can type about 45 words in one minute but a transcriptionist should be capable of typing at least 60 to 80 and that too accurately. Many experienced professionals of renowned business transcription companies can transcribe hundred words in a minute with almost no errors.

  • Technology Adept

A transcriptionist must be acquainted with basic computer skills; advanced ones are really not required. For instance, he or she must know the ways of using Microsoft Word and finding subjects in Google as well as other major search engines.

Are you planning to hire a transcriptionist who assures to carry out each task with meticulousness? If yes, make sure to conduct a thorough research, seek specialised recommendations, and hire someone with the skills specified above. 

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