Services New Businesses Should Use That Nobody Talks About

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When someone hears that you are starting a business, you might get some great advice. People may tell you how to design a slogan, create a logo, or make a marketing plan. However, your company needs some services that may not come into your mind until you get far along in the business.

It is essential to include all potential expenses before starting a business to have an accurate expenditure list. When some costs are included later in the process, it may impact your revenue level or become demotivating. So, here are some meaningful services you should consider that you may not necessarily have heard about.

Document Shredding Services

You just started a business. Why do you have to think about destroying documents? Well, hiring professionals for document shredding services will enable you to ensure that your confidential information is kept safe. 

When a business is new, everyone may not be recognized, including potential clients/customers/patients or employees. If all company stakeholders know that your business is taking the proper steps to keep their information confidential, it will help you gain their trust and credibility. Shredding documents with private data enables them to rest assured that their identity and sensitive information cannot be stolen or misplaced. 

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Inclusion Training 

Every company has to train their employees. Most of the time, the training is for services that the company offers or a better understanding of the business nature. However, the attempt to create a positive work culture is often left out. 

It is crucial to provide inclusion training because it will help diverse employees feel comfortable. Sometimes, due to the different backgrounds individuals belong to, there may be an unconscious bias that the employees themselves are not aware of. So, bringing in a diversity coach to make everyone familiar with inclusion and how it can help would be beneficial for the company.

Mental Health Support

Mental health is an essential factor to be considered at all times. People spend a lot of their time at work, and sometimes, the pressure can build up and affect them mentally. Providing mental health support can help the employee feel valued.

A business can provide support by having a particular insurance program for therapy/counselling. However, since that might be tough to incorporate, you can start by prioritizing mental health at work. There could be a dedicated break room where an employee can go in and relax while feeling overwhelmed. You could also hire a counsellor to come in and talk to employees now and then. 

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If your business requires employees to commute for work, it may be valuable to have a dedicated transportation service. It may be expensive for a new company to purchase a car right away. 

Until the day your company has the privilege to hire a full-time driver, it may be beneficial to set up an account with Uber, Lyft or any other similar service for your employees. Of course, you should notify them about the exclusions, such as using them for personal reasons. You can keep track of the costs by asking all employees to keep records of their travel history.

Meal Delivery

Everyone has to eat. During work, meal breaks are probably one of the things all staff members look forward to. Some employees bring food from home, while others go out purchase their meal. Either way, it is vital to prioritize meals during work since it’s the fuel that keeps everyone motivated. Using a meal service may also enable employees to eat food that would increase their productivity.

If your business is small, you could have a discussion with your staff members if they would like to opt-in for a meal delivery service. It could help employees save their lunch costs since a dedicated service may provide discounts for purchasing in bulk. If your employees are open to the idea, you can consider hiring a company that delivers food to your office at a specific time every day. 

Incorporating some services beyond the usual could help your employees stay motivated while improving your brand image. 

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