Sensitivity, a cause that burns out your food desires

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Teeth sensitivity which is also known as the ‘dentin hypersensitivity issue' it's a common yet the major cause that results in shooting pain in your teeth just by having anything out of your favourites. Such disorder might transpire out in severe discomforts and can be extremely painful sometimes. All sorts of foods and drinks which you have had all long your life might also trigger an episode. The glass of cold water, or a hot drink a simple soup, ice cream, sweets, or the chocolates too, can all cause tooth sensitivity commonly. In extreme cases, chewing regular food might also result in a severe toothache. 

Some people experience it intermittently, and may not necessarily feel pain on eating all the foods mentioned above. Some others suffer from a chronic problem, and they usually experience teeth sensitivity in more than one tooth.

Teeth sensitivity can't be attributed at on single reason; many different reasons can be there that trigger the condition. In most cases, it is quite simple there to treat sensitive teeth. It is advised that they visit: Best dental clinic in thiruvalla. A simple oral examination is surely required to ascertain the exact cause before the treatment.

Root causes for sensitivity in your teeth

Teeth sensitivity is an issue that can be blamed on the natural wear and tear of your teeth that readily cause due to the irresistible behaviour out of your oral regime. Many times your tooth enamel thereby loose down, leading to tooth sensitivity issues. Your tooth based enamel is the hardest layer that readily covers and protects your teeth, acting as a protective shield.

Below we have listed the major causes that are responsible for the wear and tear of the enamel-

Chirping hardened foods, like ice and bones. 
Brushing too vigorously or using a hard toothbrush.
Using abrasive products such as charcoal or salt and lime, in the cleaning of the teeth.
Consuming the acidic eateries, like as tamarind, lime, and the vinegar etc. and drinking the carbonated and the acidic beverages.

Possible and functional treatments available

The best treatment is to be available at our renown dental clinic in thiruvalla is the best option if you are looking for tooth sensitivity treatment in Thiruvalla. Consulting a reputed dental clinic like us, which provide support form experienced and qualified dentists, and state-of-the-art equipment that ensures the most desirable treatment. 

For mild sensitivity, the best to all treatment is to be available at our dental clinic in thiruvalla usually prescribe specially formulated toothpaste along with a medicated fluoride gel for local application. On an addon, we presume to advise against using the stiffened toothbrushes and thereby consuming foods that result in aggravating the condition to it's the worst. 

If the sensitivity is an extension of an underlying problem, then our best dentist at our dental clinic in thiruvalla would suggest specific treatment. Major changes in your regular diet and your lifestyle would thereby be recommended for your management of acid reflux. The dentist will carry out a surgical gum graft if they have receded too much.

If none of the treatments is useful, then you might be suggested for a root canal. The procedure of the best root canal at our dental clinic in thiruvalla involves removing the dental pulp from the affected tooth and filling and capping it.

So, don't stress it off when dealing with senstivity. Just hop on at our best services available readily on our dental clinic in thiruvalla

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