Selling Your Rolex Watch in Atlanta

by Kevin Smith Author

A common misconception people make when trying to sell a Rolex watch in Atlanta is that every pawnshop and jewelry store will take the brand name and craftsmanship into account when giving you an appraisal. The fact is, many of those stores make their money by reselling items to precious metal smelters. In that case, the smelter will only care about the gold inside your Rolex, and nothing else. Some businesses resell their items to other customers, but that doesn't guarantee a fair deal either. For those who want to resell your Rolex, they may try to find any and every excuse to lower the appraised price. Not every business thrives on reputation, but those that do provide their customers with fair appraisals, which makes them a safer bet when trying to sell your Rolex. 

Getting a Better Deal on Your Rolex 

If you’re trying to sell an old ring or bracelet, you can get a good idea of what that item is worth by looking up the market value of the precious metal it's made from, and then weighing it. However, this does nothing for designer watches. The only way to know the true value of your watch is to get it appraised by a professional jeweler. If a business invites you in for a private consultation with a professional jeweler, it's a good indication that they take you seriously, which means the offer you will receive is a fair one. Reputation is also key, since many pawnshops are only interested in turning a quick profit, while more serious businesses focus on returning clientele through better offers. 

Avoid Damaging Your Watch 

You may or may not be familiar with the common test methods precious metals brokers use to determine the purity of an item. While an experienced jeweler will know how to handle a precious timepiece, someone working at a local pawnshop may not, which can result in serious damage during testing. Pouring certain acid on a jewelry piece is a common way to determine whether it's real or not, which could leave a permanent mark, especially if the wrong acid is used. Another method to determine whether an item is plated with gold requires actually sawing into the piece, and then pouring the acid inside. One test like this will significantly lower the appraisal value of your Rolex. If you want to sell a Rolex watch in Atlanta and get a fair deal for it while avoiding unnecessary damage, you should seek out jewelers who specialize in appraising designer watches.  

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