Selling Headlines: Best Ways to Write Effective Ones

by Emma L. Business consultant

The headline is the first point of contact the consumers have with your content. If you don't manage to grab their attention with those several words, you'll lose your chance to win over new customers.

You won’t be able to get people to click on your page without a good headline. Considering that 80% of people read the headlines, but only 20% of people actually read the content, the headlines have immense power. 

If consumers don’t like the headline, any chance of you making a sale will be gone. That’s why you should apply the following tips for writing headlines and put consumers' mindset into the buying mode from the very start.

Align the Headline with Your Advertising

Some part of your traffic (if not the majority) probably comes from paid advertising. When those consumers come across your page, their initial interest should be enhanced with a corresponding headline.

Aside from the body of the copy, the headline should match the advertising as well. If you create a deceiving headline, the bounce rate can easily grow in no time.

California Closets tested out this assumption that a headline that matches the advertisement can be beneficial for conversion. They created variations of the headline, and one of the two were related to the advertisement. 

What do you think was the result? 

The headline that was related to the advertisement boosted their conversion rate by 115%! 

Whenever your advertisement points out to a certain page on your website, tailor the headline to that ad. 

Put the Benefit in Focus

Why do people continuously buy products and services? Because they anticipate that their lives will be easier, happier, or better with that product.

Try to showcase how your product or service can improve consumers’ lives. Give them a reason to further explore an option that can somehow help them out. 

Present the benefit in a straightforward and simple way. For example:

  • Copywriting Tips for Marketing Success

  • Sleep Better with These Meditation Practices

  • Get a 90% Increase in Your CTR

The benefits such as "marketing success," "sleeping better," or "90% increase in CTR" are what will allure the right people. These types of headlines will bring in your target audience that is in pursuit of a solution that you offer. 

Use the Power of Curiosity

Curiosity sells. It’s a fact. If you manage to evoke curiosity in consumers with a headline, they’ll simply need to know more.

Wrap the headline in the veil of mystery, and you’ll hook the readers in. 

How to entice curiosity with a headline?

One of the most successful and go-to methods is using provocative questions. Ask a question that involves the reader and bring up in their mind several follow up questions. Those follow up questions is what will drive them to read the content. The satisfaction that comes from finding out the answers will motivate them to take action.

As an example, let’s consider the headline of a successful marketer and blogger Neil Patel. His landing page welcomes users with a simple question:

  • Do you want more traffic?

How can you not be curious about what Neil Patel knows about driving traffic, and you don’t? 

Simple questions are often the most powerful ones. Also, simple questions such as this one can create a foundation for selling your services.

If you need some help with crafting a simple yet curiosity-building headline, hire writing services such as TrustMyPaper and SupremeDissertations. Professional writers and editors can polish up your headlines and make them more tempting. 

Curiosity is what pulls people in and makes them want to know more. Give curiosity a chance to compel your consumers. 

Catch People’s Attention with the Word “Free”

Power words are well-known for their ability to convert. One of the winning power words in the world of selling is “free.”

Using the word "free" in the headline will bring forth that "I don't want to miss out on an opportunity to get something for free" instinct in people.

So, if you offer a free trial or free sample, guidebook, anything, create a headline that will promote it. 

Highrise carried out a test to see if using the word "free" in their headline will make a difference. Do you think it helped? Well, it did. Adding “free trial” to the headline, Highrise brought them a 30% increase in conversions.

You can also use other phrases that insinuate some sort of a save. For example, using “low cost” or “without the high costs” in your headline can also increase your conversions.

Establish Your Authority

Informative guides or posts help you do two things: build your credibility and provide users value through informative content. If you tie that informative content to products you sell, you'll convince consumers of the value of your products. 

For example, Headspace, a platform for practicing mindfulness and meditation, attracts new visitors with headlines such as “Benefits of Meditation” or “How to Live without Regret and Guilt?”

The headline should clearly state that the content they’re about to read will give the readers some useful insights. Use words such as “How to,” “Guide,” “Reasons for,” “Benefits of,” and similar. This will emphasize that valuable information awaits the reader.

Also, informative headlines can bring your more organic traffic. Thus, it can bring you more potential customers. 

Just think about it. If you are in need of some sort of information, the go-to word for starting the search is “How to.” A headline with a “How to” beginning will boost your SEO purposes and help you rank higher. 

Start Selling with the Headlines

The sales process doesn’t start with the content or CTA. It starts with the headline. Draw consumers in the selling process with a headline that boosts their excitement. Entice consumers to absorb every word of your content by getting their interest at a high level.

These practical tips should spark some ideas on how to craft a selling headline. Take your time, use your imagination, and test out your possibilities. These are the keys to coming up with headlines that will win over the consumers.

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