Selection criteria for power cable accessories

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The correct selection of power cables is not only important for a reliable power supply but also for the safety of the devices and for the people living around them. It also saves time and protect the assets around. The power cable accessories India as such are the nervous system of the electrical networks and comprises of a good percentage of the capital investment made on any electrification project. Sometimes the power cables fail and most of the time the failure is due to the improper selection of the power cables. In this article some of the selection criteria of the power cables that needs to be watched out are discussed hereunder, have a look below.


Look out for the voltage rating of the power cable accessories India before installation. You should also know the process of system earthing before installation of the power cables. The voltage rating of the power cables is usually specified as dual rating such as UE or E.

International Standard Mark

Look for the IS mark on the power cables to ensure about the safety of the power cables before you actually buy them for installation at your indoors and outdoors. This is a very important criteria that needs to be watched out before working.

Year of manufacture

Everything has a specific expiry date and this holds true for power cable accessories India as well. Look for the year of manufacture of the power cables before installing it for your outdoors or indoors. A very old power cable will not yield the satisfied result and will need to be replaced sooner than ever.

Current rating

Look out at the catalogue of the cable manufacturer to find out the current rating of the power cables with Copper or Aluminum conductor. But it is noteworthy that the continuous rating of the current available in the manufacturer’s catalogue is for a specific standard laying condition. Practically maintaining these standard conditions is not always possible. Thus, to arrive at the practical rating of continuous current certain other factors should also be considered.

Voltage drop

Power cables consist of reactance and resistance. Thus the current flowing through these power cables would undoubtedly cause a drop in the voltage. But this voltage drop should never affect the loads that the connected by the power cables. Thus, before buying power cable accessories India, one should watch out for the voltage drop in both the steady state as well as for the acceleration state for any large loads.

Cable types

Last but definitely not the least, watch out the cable types whether they are armored or not. As such armored cables are compulsory for any cable installation to be made underground. The armor is made up of galvanized Aluminum or Iron strip.

There are various types of power cables available from the heat shrinkable power cable accessories manufacturers, but you need to be cautious about the selection that best suits your needs. These criteria would help you in the proper selection of the power cables to be installed at your indoors or outdoors. Yamuna power is one of the leading cable

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