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A systems integration partner company brings together component subsystems enabling them to function in combination. This practice is called systems integration.


Three key questions to be considered when selecting an SAP system integrator include:


1. Situation that necessitates the use

2. Criteria for selection

3. How to ensure a successful relationship

Reasons to use an SAP system integrator        


Various situations lead an end user or OEM to turn to an SAP system integrator. The following lists the most prominent reasons:


· To enable a company to maintain focus on its core capabilities

· To allow a company live up to the rapidly changing technological landscape

· To initiate an influx of fresh ideas

· To provide a project or implementation the necessary push to a jump start

· To meet a company’s staffing needs

· To manage and mitigate emergencies

Maintaining focus on core priorities

In order to tighten the focus on their core competencies and beliefs, companies employ system integrators ( Convert ios app to android ) which essentially deal with elements that fall outside their specific realm. In the struggle to be an expert at everything, often the time and energy are diverted from the main aspect - development of core essentials. Issues and processes outside of the core competencies and key market offerings will not yield optimum value for businesses. Hence, investing in internal resources excessively is not recommended to handle such scenarios. It can be managed efficiently by implementing an SAP system integrator.

Staying at pace with emerging technologies

Technological disruptions intervening at rapid intervals instigate various changes in the ecosystem, resulting in increasingly complex business operations. The transformation essentially necessitates companies to keep pace with the rapidly escalating technological development. It poses significant challenges for companies to implement the emerging technologies due to lack of the core competencies. If a manufacturer lacks the knowledge on technologies that are critical for meeting a customer’s expectations, an SAP system integrator can be consulted. It essentially helps the organization acquaint itself with the concerned technology.


Gathering new ideas

With the escalating pace of innovation, demand for innovation is rising. This indicates that fresh ideas facilitating project execution always sells. In this regard, companies can directly benefit from the breadth of experience that SAP system integrator boasts of. It is an impeccable source for triggering innovative approaches and solutions.

Meeting time to market pressures

The demand for innovation is mounting, as is speed to market. The technical expertise provided by an SAP system integrator can help businesses ramp up to get to speed. Once they start operating with dynamic solutions provided by an SAP System Integrator, they can continue to function seamlessly on their own.

Relieving staffing pressures

A common issue encountered by all businesses is staffing. In addition, the grant of adequate funds to hire resources is a constant concern. However, a recruitment model in which a company that requires intensive engineering support due to fluctuating business cycles, hires to meet the requirement only is incompetent. In most cases, the company lays off once the requirement is met. The demand can be met by approaching an SAP system integrator who provides the necessary resources on a contractual basis.This way, the SAP system integrator simplifies operations and stabilizes the staffing requirements. Contracts can be terminated when the market dictates, having no major capital consequences in the long-run. Resources can be retained if necessary.


Resolving emergency situations

A SAP system integrator often has the requisite experience and expertise to assist and fix situations that cannot be resolved internally. This is because of its access to a large spectrum of information and inputs. Consequently, the SAP system Integrator saves time and effort notably and enables quick troubleshooting.


Assess technological and industry expertise

While industry-specific knowledge is indispensable, there are numerous benefits of having extensive experience across industries and platforms. In particular, the fabulous value is gained by working with firms that deploy refined practices and methods. These are crafted in the process of integrating disparate platforms (as can be done through SAP integration). SAP Business Connector is especially helpful in this regard.


Criteria for selecting an SAP system integrator

A SAP system integrator should be selected after considering the following factors:

· Stability of the firm

· Structure of the firm, with regard to your requirements

· Technology expertise as compared to industry expertise

· Verifiable experience


Average integrators operate by considering the technology solutions operating today. Exceptional integrators keep a tab on the evolving IT landscape and experiment with emerging technologies within their own infrastructure. They focus on future-proofing - developing methods to reduce the impact of potential future events.


A SAP System Integrator assesses possible technical and economic effects of the evolving IT models and enables customers to make informed decisions. It mitigates the need for a business to have extensive IT knowledge. It ensures that the current infrastructure meets the business requirements and key goals of an enterprise.


As a decision maker, one must necessarily determine the success and reputation of the company. This obviously calls for sizable investments. An SAP system integrator can help design, construct, and optimize IT infrastructure.

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