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Search engines use many methods to index and rank websites, they vary from one to another, and they constantly change. Most are keyword-driven to a large extent, and some of the most important engines also draw relationships between keywords and the content of your website. For some, the number of links pointing to your website is also a factor as this can indicate site popularity.

Search engines will pick up keywords from the meta tag on your webpages when they "spider" the web - either independently, or following the submission of your webpage URL to them.

Competition for keywords is intense, so you should choose them carefully; there is little point in competing for listing and ranking, as an example, for the keyword "free" against many well established, highly ranked websites.

Similarly, there is often little value in having the top ranking for an obscure keyword that is seldom searched -although you could be sure that any clicks that came your way would be well-targeted. Most search engines allow submission of single words or phrases as keywords (but, as many databases don't like spaces we suggest you use an underscore (_) in any keyword phrases.)

Many new marketers make the mistake of submitting too frequently to search engines - often using every free submission service that they find. This can not only result in your webpage being banned for "search engine spamming" - but produce a huge volume of confirmation emails that also add you to many different mailing lists. This makes YOU the promotional target and the mail will come (frustratingly) day after day.

Of paramount importance is the relationship between your keywords and your webpage content. This measurement by search engines is called "keyword density" and it looks at how many times a keyword appears in the content of your page. This is not to say that simply repeating the keywords over and over will improve your ranking - in fact a density that is too high is likely to damage your chances. A maximum density of 4-5% is recommended.

Gateway pages are also used by many marketers, but care needs to be taken not to have too many of these on one domain. A gateway page simply focuses on a single keyword, using a single page of content that has a high density of the keyword in the content text. Again, don't overuse this as it could work against you.

Pay Per Click (ppc) Search Engines - With ppc search engines, you bid for the ranking of your keyword and only pay each time a visitor clicks on the ad or listing that is associated with your keyword. The benefit of this is that your visitors are targeted to your keyword.

There are now many ppc search engines and you must choose carefully which ones you use. PPC services like those offered by Google and Bing can be quite expensive, so you need to calculate the conversion rate of your clickthroughs to sales so that you don't end up paying more for the visits than your returns justify.

There are also many "emerging" ppc engines that do not have the volume of visitor traffic to deliver you with visitors over a reasonable period of time so you can find you have promotional cost invested that is not being used. 

A new concept being introduced by AdlandPro is "Paid Keyword Advertising" Through this you can associate keyword(s) with your ads at AdlandPro (even the free ads) and bid to determine how high they are ranked in search results. With a high traffic site like AdlandPro you can be sure of good targeted results, so get in as soon as they are available to get the benefit of best prices before the bid cost increases.

DOMINATE the search ranking and get the exact people you want to visit your web site! Hundreds of keywords still available and at an affordable price. The paid keywords system uses a bidding process where advertisers bid on keywords they would like to be associated with their ads. Higher bids will win higher rankings on classified ad searches which means that an ad which bids 7 cents will appear higher when returned in a set of search results than an advertiser who bid 5 cents for the keyword used in the search. 

Instant Traffic. Skip all the time needed to build high search engine rankings and spend your spare time doing other, more enjoyable things. People find your site immediately after you are approved. 

Increased click-thru rates by setting-up laser-focused Ad Groups, keywords and ad copy. 
Keyword-Targeted Visitors to your website (you pay only for results) Quality Traffic. 

Controlled advertising (view and analyze statistics, modify ads and bids). See how your ad is doing instantly! 
Increased number of qualified visitors from research, expansion, and refinement of your current keyword phrases. 

Low-Risk advertising. You pay only for the clicks that you receive. 

Over 200,000 visitors to Adlandpro everyday which increases your ad’s visibility on the internet. Check it out here to get started with Adlandpro's Pay Per Click Program

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