Say NO To Hair Loss With Herbal Formulations

by Swastham Ayurveda Business

We all love to have thick, long, black and shining hair that gives us pride and satisfaction. The onlookers are greatly impressed with attractive hair. Few people are challenged with hair loss, its thinning or dandruff etc. Use of the ordinary medicines sometimes causes adverse effects. That’s why patients now prefer to take the ayurvedic medicines that are pure and give good results. Baba Ramdev hair loss treatment is a great remedy that gives excellent results to the users. They are at zero risk.

It is recommended that the following may also be tried that are much beneficial for our hair:

  • Amla – Known as Indian Goosesberry; this herb is enriched with vitamin C. The antioxidant features of Amla are helpful in strengthening the hair roots.
  • Ashwagandha – This is another great herb that works wonders. It helps in enjoying excellent hair. Regular use of this herb helps in getting good hair and preventing its loss.
  • Brahmi – Human hair can be strengthened by using this herb by mixing it with curd.
  • Bhringaraaja – Balding and premature graying can be prevented with this herb that acts like a strong tonic. It is greatly useful for enjoying shining rich hair to impress the onlookers.
  • Ritha – It is available in the form of nuts. This herbal   product is useful for proper cleansing of our hair and saying NO to dandruff and other issues of the hair. Thick, black and long hair can be had with it.
  • Neem – Those suffering from dandruff should clean their hair with Neem soap. Lice and other hair problems can be got rid of with Neem. Its powder may be mixed with curd or coconut oil. The scalp may be massaged evenly with this mixture.
  • Natural hair can be had with a mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar.
  • Take amla, arnica, coconut, brahmi and mustard oil and make their mixture. Apply it on your hair for enjoying good results.
  • Those suffering from hair loss or other related problems should make use of Aloe Vera that works wonders.
  • Taking the juice of alfalfa, carrot, spinach and lettuce helps in having attractive hair.
  • Taking sesame seeds each morning helps in having good hair by fulfilling the deficiency of calcium and magnesium.
  • Yoghurt also helps much in having rich hair.
  • Add green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit juices to your daily foods that help in having attractive hair.
  • Use of buttermilk, sprouts, nuts, yeast, milk, whole grains and soy beans is good as they contain zinc, vitamin B-complex & C that help to have good hair.
  • Taking sufficient water on daily basis helps in detoxification and having rich hair.
  • Loss of hair, its thinning or dandruff can be prevented by staying away from alcohol and tobacco.

Ease of availability and cheap rates are the exclusive advantages of the above herbal remedies that work wonders in having thick and black hair. 

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