Rooftop solar power offers a saving solution during COVID-19

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In the present times, where COVID-19 pandemic has brought the whole world and its related sectors to a standstill, Power Generation is one of the main sectors that got affected by COVID pandemic. Today, various parts of the world are experiencing huge power cuts and for a single unit of power, the population is getting charged at a very exorbitant rate, resulting in contraction of affordability factor and Global power shortage. These type of problems can be resolved by the usage of renewable energy in the form of “Solar power”.  Solar power can be generated through solar panels. Solar panels consist of photovoltaic cells which generate electricity by absorbing sunlight resulting in the creation of DC (Direct current) converts sunlight into a usable form of power and get stored in a solar inverter for further use.


How solar panels are saving your money?

A typical solar panel of 270 watts costs around Rs 10,000 can produce 17,280 units of electricity during its life-span of 20 years. whereas in a country like India where the average cost for a unit of electricity is Rs 3.70, for 17,280 units of electricity it will cost around Rs 65,000 without including power rate inflation happens every year. Installing high capacity Solar panels can increase your savings and today even governments are providing solar panels with huge subsidies resulting in more savings and enhancing the affordability factor as far as power is a concern. Solar panel manufacturers are now installing solar panels for free of cost and are providing free maintenance for 10 years and will start charging after 10 years, making it more comfortable for the masses to afford power.


Advantages of solar panels over others:

Several reasons further accentuate the benefits of installing solar rooftop panels in buildings:

1. No exploitation of natural resources:

In a country like India, thermal power plants are the major water guzzlers, where 36,000 million litres of water got consumed by these thermal power plants creating lots and lots of air pollution, Water pollution and Noise pollution whereas, solar panels do not exploit any of the resources and just work on voltaic cells absorbing sunlight.

 2.It is a secure investment:

Electricity prices keep it up fluctuating from time to time. So, it is difficult to calculate the expenditure on electricity for a certain period. However, when it involves electricity generated by solar rooftops, the worth of power generated is often calculated easily. One can even calculate the value of electricity generation for an additional 10 years. In this way, it is a secure investment.

 3. Support from the government:

To encourage people to adopt solar power, the govt offers tax credits to those that install rooftop solar panels whether it's for residential or commercial purposes. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy informs that the government pays 30% of the installation cost as a converted subsidy to the installer.

 4. Low maintenance:

Solar panels require very low maintenance and only basic battery check-ups and just regular cleaning of the panel surface is sufficient.

 5. Suitable for Indian climate:

Rooftop solar panels use sunlight to change it into electricity. India is situated at a perfect geographical location and receives ample tropical sunlight.

 6. No Global warming: 

Solar power is one of the most important solutions to this global warming crisis. Due to zero-emission of harmful greenhouse gases and carbon matter, solar panels proved themselves to be the best alternative source of power.

 7. Energy Security:

Solar power provides energy security as it is impossible for an individual to go and buy the sun and turn it into a monopoly. Hence it ensures energy independence and is free to use.

 8. Save billions and trillions of dollars:

Countries like China, United States, Japan and Germany are saving billions and trillions of dollar by using solar power as their main source for power generation.

 9. Multiple applications of solar power:

Along with the generation of electricity, it can be used to heat water and supply hot water or air to a building. It can also be used to run electric generators.

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