Risks Of Having High Uric Acid Level In Blood

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As per research, every patient who have higher levels of uric acid doesn’t ends up developing gout. It is common to find fully asymptomatic patients with higher level of Uric Acid. Though the risk is high.


High uric acid level, increase the chance of developing following disease:


•         Drop.

•         Kidney stones.

•         Urate nephropathy.



Risk OfTofaceous Droplet In Patients With High Uric Acid


After about 20 years of gout and poorly treated hyperuricemia, the patient begins to develop tofos in their joints and skin. The lesions are caused by inflammation and chronic deposition of urate crystals at these sites.


Tophi can be multiple, large and often cause deformities, especially in the hands, elbows or feet.


Risk Of Renal Calculi In Patients With High Uric Acid


Chronic hyperuricemia may also be related to the appearance of kidney stones composed of uric acid.


Unlike gout, which is closely linked to blood levels of Uric Acid, the formation of kidney stones depends more on the pH of the urine and the amount of uric acid excreted by the kidneys.


Patients at highest risk are those with persistently below 5,5 urine pH and a urinary excretion of uric acid greater than 1100 mg per day. Such a high value of uric acid in urine usually only occurs in patients with hyperuricemia above 9.0 mg / dl.


Risk Of Urate Nephropathy In Patients With High Uric Acid


Another form of kidney disease caused by hyperuricemia is the deposition of uric acid in the kidneys, which causes renal inflammation and the risk of chronic renal failure.


Fortunately, this type of injury only occurs in patients with very high uric acid levels, generally greater than 13 mg / dl in men or 10 mg / dl in women.


Other Possible Diseases Related To High Uric Acid


Few research studies have shown a relationship between higher Uric Acid levels and a higher incidence of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes.

Risk Factors For Gout


•         Obesity .

•         Hypertension .

•         Trauma to joints.

•         Long periods of fasting.

•         Alcohol consumption .

•         Large intake of foods rich in purine.

•         Use of medicines that increase uric acid, such as diuretics .

Diet To Control Uric Acid

Patients with gout or high levels of uric acid should have a special diet, avoiding foods rich in purines.

 Foods rich in purine (uric acid) are:

•         Meats: bacon, pork, veal, kid, lamb, kids (liver, heart, kidney, tongue).

•         Seafood: salmon, sardines, trout, cod, fish roe, caviar, seafood, oyster, shrimp.

•         Birds: turkey and goose.

•         Alcoholic beverages.

Foods with moderate amounts of purines (uric acid) : 

•         Meats: cow, calf and rabbit.

•         Poultry: chicken and duck.

•         Seafood: lobster and crab.

•         Legumes: beans, chickpeas, peas, lentils, asparagus, mushrooms, cauliflower, spinach.

Foods with low or no purine content (uric acid):

•         Milk, tea, coffee, chocolate, thin yellow cheese, boiled egg, cereals like bread, pasta, cornmeal, potato, white rice, corn, cassava, sago, vegetables (kale, cabbage, lettuce, chard and watercress) sweets and fruit (whether or not acidic)

Top homeopathy medicine for High Uric Acid: Gout

1. Colchicum

2. UrticaUrens

3. Benzoic Acid

4. Ledum Pal

5. Antimonium Crud.

6. Sabina

7. Arnica

8. Berberis Vulgaris

9. Lycopodium

10. Rhododendron

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