Rigid or Apparel- Which is Good for Clothes Packaging?

by Ellifia Jhon web designer

Rigid boxes are the demand of the present times where things are known and identified on the basis of their appearance. These boxes are a silent identity for all the products that are lavish, expensive, and fragile in the retail market. They can be custom-made into any style or design that the consumer may require them to be in. However, to keep their structure in an immaculately sturdy form, they are preferred to be manufactured in standard shapes. Their consumers prefer to attract their target customers through the prints that they get on these boxes rather than the shapes. Apparel businesses have sprung in every corner for the world and are increasingly using rigid packaging for achieving success in the crowded clothing market. There are ways in which rigid packaging can help a business with its marketing and presenting its products perfectly. Let us look at some of these important reasons that make rigid packaging such an attractive choice. 


Brilliant Quality 

The most important thing about products noticed by everyone is their packaging. Companies try to attract consumers in many ways, but the packaging is the best and the surest way of winning over customers. Hence, its quality is something that should never be compromised. Custom rigid boxes are the best options for brands that are looking for quality and want the consumers to be happy. The surface of rigid packaging is smooth and gives a beautiful appearance that can mesmerize anyone.


Strength & Protection

Packaging for every product must be strong and durable. This is most of the biggest concern that companies have to deal with. Not only they have to ensure safe shipping, but they also have to make the packaging of their products durable enough to stay on shelves for a considerable period of time. And rigid cardboard boxes are great for these situations. If the packaging is not durable enough, it becomes weary, and the product is at risk then. During shipping, it is crucial that the packaging material is strong to the extent where it is able to ward off any kind of pressure coming from the sides. Similarly, it should also protect the products from moisture and UV rays, as they are detrimental. To add to the protection, cushioning can be used, which helps packaging absorb extreme levels of pressure. Similarly, special UV coating can be applied that helps save products from not only UV rays but also keeps packaging safe from smudges and scratches.



Costs can become a headache for business; hence they always look for affordable packaging that does not force them to break the bank. Luckily, rigid boxes wholesale have given them the opportunity to achieve perfection by spending a fraction of what they were previously. When compared to other materials, rigid packaging costs much less. From the raw materials to production to its distribution, rigid packaging helps businesses cut costs in many ways.


Perfect for Customization

Customization is something that has achieved immense popularity recently. Brands try to customize their packaging according to the desires of their consumers and achieve the impact in the market that they want. Customization involves many things such as color printing, the Rigid boxes Design, and the graphics. All of these elements combine to give the box the appearance that is required. The rigid material is great for any kind of customization. The colors on it pop up and look punchy. This makes the look of the box alluring. Similarly, the fonts on the box are perfectly legible for everyone because of the smooth and elegant surface. The design of the box can be manufactured as required because rigid packaging allows numerous levels of modifications to itself. Whether it is the due cut or window cut design, rigid materials are well-suited for any kind of situation.


(a) Design Customization

Manufacturing beautiful designs are the key to effective marketing. Different variations in design can lead to incredible results. Brands have gained extraordinary benefits by making small changes to their flexible boxes, and these changes have gone a long way in helping to improve their marketing. For instance, the window cut design has become immensely popular. Rigid packaging is brilliant for any kind of design implementation and can be cut precisely, giving the packaging a sleek and polished look.  


(b) Printing Capabilities

Rigid cardboard boxes are also great for printing. It has a wonderful surface that is capable of featuring high quality, impressive printing. No wonder many brands have switched from other materials to rigid and have started using it regularly. The colors, when printed on rigid packaging, appear more elegant and brighter. The blacks are darker, and the whites are more prominent, providing the perfect contrast. Similarly, other graphics such as fonts and logos are also punchy and clearly visible, making it a delight for customers to look at. Rigid packaging has a lot of benefits that can help a clothing business in several ways, as described above. The modern clothing industry has seen a lot of changes, and the increased use of rigid packaging is one of them. It has proved to be the perfect form of packaging for many firms that are focused on quality and originality.

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