Revive Your Skin with Panchamrut Deep Cleansing Soap

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The rich lather of Panchamrut Soap will be an indulgent experience for your skin. Made from five natural ingredients, including pure milk and honey, this soap is gentle on the skin surface. The essential ingredients lend a pleasant fragrance to get you in that mood for either your morning shower or an evening bath after work - whatever fits best into your daily routine.

Soap that Heals and Protects

The SSCPL Herbals Panchamrut Soap is a natural product that can be used as an effective antibacterial and disinfectant. It soothes all types of skin ailments, from acne to eczema.

It also heals any wounds you may experience on your body like scrapes or burns because of its anti-bacterial properties which fight against bacteria.

The Best Body Cleanser

Panchamrut is a soap with five herbal components that is great for people who want to improve their skin. SSCPL Panchamrut Body Cleanser Soap are made from milk, curd, Ghee and honey which works together in order to help dry or oily skin have the best surface possible.

When you're ready for some luxury pampering that won't cost an arm and leg when it's time to restock, making Panchamrut Soaps part of your regular beauty routine will make all the difference.


Naturally Removes Dirt

This rich moisturizer can give your skin a natural glow. In addition to providing moisture, it also helps remove dirt and oil that clog pores and cause breakouts while strengthening the cells against sun damage with its antioxidant properties.

And because honey is an all-natural ingredient, you know you're getting pure nourishment for healthy looking skin every day.

Cleanses the Skin and Keeps It Soft Too

Panchamrut Body Soap has a specially formulated formula that will keep your skin smooth and supple. Women who have been struggling with dry, cracked or rough hands will find this product especially helpful for them because of the qualities it offers in terms of moisture retention. It's clinically proven to be safe even on sensitive skins so you can use without worry.

This soap is perfect for women who want to feel refreshed and clean without harsh chemicals. Not only does it have a light floral scent, but you won't need any other products with strong scents as well because this soap leaves behind the right amount of fragrance that lasts all day long.

For Men Who Want to Smell Like a Man

With Panchamrut Soap for Men you can have all this at your fingertips with just one product. It is gentle on sensitive skin so everything feels soft after showers or baths without any irritation. Ayurvedic Panchamrut Soap for men is a unique blend of five fragrant oils to help make you smell like manly-man.

Panchamrut Natural Ayurvedic Soap is a gentle cleanser which helps remove dirt and greasy residues from the skin. It has an all-natural fragrance that will leave you feeling refreshed after your shower, leaving behind clean pores for optimal comfort throughout the day.

Feel Confident in Your Own Skin

The Panchamrut Herbal Soap is an all-natural skin care product that will make your skin soft and radiant. It features the following ingredients for a more robust effect: curd which has been known to purify, ghee fights against acne breakouts as well as other blemishes like pigmentation or dryness; milk leaves with their rejuvenating effects on aging cells in our bodies largest organ; honey's anti inflammatory characteristics are also included.

Now Panchamrut Soap for Skin can be purchased online - it works wonders not just on your skin but also your mood.

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