Restaurant POS Billing Software - A Best Recipe for Success by Retail Mass

by MaestroInfotech System Website Design Company Bangalore

Anyone who has worked in the hospitality industry knows that the demands required to deliver quality food in a timely fashion by courteous and efficient staff could test the skills and serenity of a Zen master!

So many factors come into play at the same time and need to be handled with such precision that many busy restaurant owners compare the experience to plate twirlers, who manage to twirl multiple plates on narrow bamboo poles all at the same time.

Restaurant point of sale software systems can be customized to work with the same levels of excellence and efficiency whether it is in high-end restaurants, takeaways, fast food outlets, hotel/cafe facilities or pick up/delivery services.

A typical restaurant POS setup would include a centrally located touch screen monitor for inputing orders, at least one cashier station with a cash drawer, receipt printer, and credit card reader / EFTPOS.

So let’s have a look at a hectic restaurant scenario where the owners have introduced a state of the art restaurant POS system:

A party of 6, who have previously made a reservation, arrive at 7:30pm for dinner. They decide to have pre-dinner cocktails at the bar and each gives his order to the bar staff. The cocktail waitress adds the drinks to the touch screen monitor where the orders are assigned to a table number

Following their cocktails the diners adjourn to their table, which is displayed on the central monitor. After their orders have been taken, and diners assigned seat numbers, each diner's choices are immediately input via a quick and easy display system which sends the meal orders direct to the kitchen and the drink orders direct to the bar.

The restaurant POS Billing Software identifies the entrees, so they appear on the kitchen's easy to read monitor first or are printed out on the kitchen printer. Main courses will appear on-screen at a pre-set time following the entrees, or printed out when called.

When the chefs have completed the entrees, the waiting staff is notified via the POS Software system and each meal is delivered in accordance with the assigned seating numbers.

During the course of the meal, the guests order additional bottles of wine, which are logged into the system and sent directly to the bar.

Meantime, the main courses have been prepared and are ready to be served following a break after the entrees. Once again, the waiting staff know which diner has ordered which meal and the fresh, piping hot meals are served.

Following the meal, the delighted diners order coffee and liqueurs. The coffee orders are sent to the barista and liqueurs to the bar staff.

As the evening draws to a close, each of the three couples asks to have an individual bill, which the restaurant POS system handles seamlessly. Each bill displays an itemised readout of the drinks, meals, coffees and liqueurs served to the couples, reducing the risk of errors or incorrect tabs.

Payments are made with ease on the EFTPOS/credit card reader at the waiter Â's station and the guests depart Â-- delighted with the quality of the meal and the fast, efficient service provided by management and staff.

From a management perspective, automating the many and various tasks required by floor staff means they are able to focus on great customer service and making their guests feel that their every wish is being met promptly and with a smile.

Kitchen staff also finds restaurant POS Software advantageous because quickly scrawled meal orders can't be misread, the system enables them to keep track of all orders, what time they were processed, which orders are to be delivered when, as well as any special requests.

The main ingredients for a successful restaurant, cafe, casual eatery or fast food outlet are all included in a dedicated restaurant POS Software, resulting in stress-free management, happy staff and contented customers. Indeed, a recipe for success!

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