Resourcefulness and Versatility of Light Tables in Distinct Industries

by Chris G. Work in Internet Business industry

A light table is a viewing device by definition that is used to review artwork or photographic film by placing it on top of it. They are largely used in industries or trades of photography, graphics to trace designs like cartoonists or people who create comics etc.

Light tables provide illumination to the subject from underneath through a translucent cover which contains the light for the illumination. Now you may wonder why anyone would need this device in the modern-day of technology. Irrespective of how the world progresses, the need to carry out physical craftsmanship and review of art pieces will never go out of style. Therefore, light tables will continue on their journey of never becoming replaceable which is also because of their versatility.

Light tables are resourceful in many known and some unknown disciplines. But with each passing day, month, and year, its popularity seems to be catching up with the general public as well. And with that being stated, here are some uses of light tables in distinct fields that will help you understand its importance and need:

  1. Detecting Flaws/Clashes

Light tables are widely used in the construction business for the inspection and clash detection purposes. Drawings from various disciplines can be compared on a light table to detect flaws and clashes. If the drawings are illustrated in the same scale, they are placed against a light table to detect if any of the systems are in clash with the other such as plumbing lines, ducts from mechanical plans etc. Therefore light tables are often preventing major mechanical and engineering disasters from occurring.

  1. Graphic Designing

This is probably very obvious and perhaps the most appreciated utilizations of light tables. If you are a graphics designer of any kind such as a cartoonist, a comic book creator etc you know how important light tables are for your work. Almost every individual in the graphics designing industry has used or urgently requires a light table because it is very useful for drawing purposes. Graphic designers use it to lightly trace any image or original design onto a different or sometimes a more expensive sheet of paper like a watercolor paper using a pencil. Tracing helps the designer create drawings with utmost precision. Light tables with support are an ideal choice for graphic designers so that it gives them the freedom to sit and create.

  1. Medical Field

In most medical fields there is a need for inspection light tables. Do you remember the box type light wall mount that a doctor uses to show you and examine an x-ray? Now that is also a light table and one of the most popular uses that people know of, even outside the industry. Irrespective of where it is mounted, whether on the wall or on a horizontal surface they are all light tables. When doctors place the negative photographs of their patient on a light table they are able to examine the patient’s problem closely.

  1. Architecture & Drafting

This is one discipline that demands the need for light tables almost on a daily basis. Even today, irrespective of how far computers and technology have taken mankind, many architects swear by handmade sketching and drafting and that needs a light table for accuracy and efficiency. It is not just the architects but several clients as well; especially the ones getting their homes-built demand hand-drafted floor plans. Such demands by clients also result in architects sticking to using light tables for their sketches.

This short list does not justify to the full extent that light tables are used and how helpful they prove to be for several industries and working sectors. Even though it seems to be a very simple device, its simplicity takes it places and makes it inimitable. Because no matter how advanced technology gets there is no faster way to quickly trace or view a drawing or sketch than on a light table.

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