Repair or replace your roof! Which one to do!

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The roof is one of the most important components of your home. It helps protect against bad weather and keep the heat indoors in winter. When your roof has suffered damage due to weather events or obsolescence, it is necessary to intervene as soon as possible. However, it is not always easy to choose between repairing a targeted location and replacing the entire roof. We will help you choose the best solution for your roof.

Damage assessment

In order to know if you need to repair or replace your roof, you need to consider several parameters. As a first step, you must learn about the theoretical life of your roof, which varies depending on the coating (shingles, metal roof, membrane, green roof ...), the quality of installation and maintenance. In addition, the companies offer a guarantee on the equipment related to this life expectancy as well as a guarantee of 5 to 10 years on the works, which can allow you to realize the repair or the replacement at less cost.

To find out if you need to repair or replace your roof, there is only one solution: inspect or have your roof inspected by a professional. If you choose to do the inspection yourself, you must take a full turn around the roof and closely observe its condition for damaged or worn areas. It is also necessary to check the condition of curbs, joints, ventilation and to detect the presence of foam. Ideally, the inspection of your roof should be done twice a year.

There are also clues inside your home to know if you need to repair or replace your roof. Indeed, the detachment of the tapestry, leaks, mildew or peeling paint are signs that show that your roof is in poor condition. It is then up to you to determine if the entire roof needs to be replaced or if only part needs to be repaired. When in doubt, refer the damage assessment to Roof Leak Repair Colonial Heights.

Age of the roof, wear and maintenance

The decision to repair or replace your roof must also consider its age. Indeed, a roof installed a few years ago usually requires only a few repairs, especially if it has been inspected and maintained regularly. Thus, the repairs will serve to prolong its life. However, the closer you get to the end of life of the roof, the more profitable and advantageous it is to replace it, because the wear and tear of the years is inexorably done. It should be noted that if the roof has been properly maintained, the life can be extended and this has the effect of delaying the need for replacement.

Last repair and frame

You must also take into account the date of the last repair of your roof. Indeed, if the latter has not kept the expected time, it may reveal a problem of design at the level of inclination or exposure to the wind. In this case, the opinion of a professional as an architect or a roofer will be useful to detect defects and correct them. He will also be able to examine the structure to see if your beams are cracked, attacked by insects or broken, as the condition of the structure affects the condition of your roof.

Aesthetics and increase in value

Repairing or replacing your roof is a significant investment. Nevertheless, this allows you to significantly improve the aesthetics of your home and your comfort. In addition, if you want to sell your property, this investment increases its selling price. This is a real added value, taking into account the market, the condition of the old roof and the type of cover chosen. The value of your home can increase by 20%. It is also advisable to improve the insulation of your property during roofing work or to add solar panels to reduce energy costs.

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