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A woman usually purchases her first fur coat and it usually turns out to be mink. If you go by stats, this is one of the highest selling furs on this planet. Why is this particular variety of fur so popular? The question is valid and the reasons are many. It has luxuriously soft and supple texture. The fur requires minimal care and guidance to last for years at a stretch. It is unbelievably lightweight and easy to carry. Moreover, it bears unique sheen. All these factors and many more sum up to make the item incredibly popular in the fashion industry.

In the following sections of this article let us explore few tried and tested tips about choosing the right mink coat and ensure value for hard-earned money.

Quality of pelts 

Pelts of mink fur are available in varieties. The better the quality the higher is the price. In other words if you are looking for a top quality mink jacket then you have pay a premium price. The best quality pelts are usually sold in auctions. The best way to ensure the quality of a mink pelt is from the touch and appearance. Higher quality pelts are always softer and suppler in texture; they also have shorter hair, more lustrous and amazingly lightweight. Moreover they come in a range of vibrant colors.

Check the inner lining

Thanks to ever advancing technology, differentiating between real fur and faux is becoming increasingly difficult with time. One of the best ways to sort out the confusion is to examine the lining underneath or checking the back of the pelts. Usually the coats come with zippers on the lining. Else there will be an opening in the lining to allow you to see inside. Craftsmen making beautiful mink fur jackets for women suggest finding a location in the lining through you can either see inside clearly or at least feel what lies beneath the underside. You may have open up the lining seam about an inch to get your answer. If it is made from authentic fur, the underneath will have absolutely smooth suede leather. As the pelts are sewn together the underneath section often shows strips, pieces or sections resembling to patchwork quilt.

Gender of the mink

Buyers of mink fur dresses are concerned about whether their item made of male or female pelts. Usually pelts sourced from females are lighter and softer. Both male and female pelts purchased from certified auctions possess outstanding quality and eligible to be used in making coats or jackets. Remember your basic focus is to acquire a jacket made from the finest quality pelts. In simpler words there is no point in judging the pelts on basis of gender although many people do this.

Search for the right labels

Designers working on mink fur coats for women have something important to share. Usually mink coats carry labels that mention the manufacturing country of the particular item, the brand of the dressing merchandise and the origin label of the pelts used in manufacturing the coat.

The best quality pelts are sold in certified fur auctions under organizations like NAFA in Canada, KOPENHAGEN FUR in Europe and SAGA in Finland. If you see one of these labels on a coat, you know it is made from the best quality pelts. These highly renowned auction bodies gather pelts from certified farms and sell those straightaway to furriers without involving and intermediate level. You are likely to find several lots of the same type and color of fur in such auctions. This is because some farms produce much better pelts than others. Every auction follows its own labeling system and uses multiple labels to identify every quality.

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