Regular Maintenance of Cummins Diesel Power Generator

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Cummins Diesel Generator Engine fuel requirements



Use high quality light diesel oil of temperature 0 or lower

Using higher temperature fuel will clog the filter to reduce power

Use higher temperature fuel to make engine starting difficult

Drain the water from the fuel filter in the hot state after shutdown

Replace filters regularly (250h)

If the fuel used is dirty, the filter will be blocked in advance.

Engine power will drop after the filter is clogged.


Engine oil requirements


lubricating oil:

Viscosity meets SAE 15W40

Quality meets API CD or higher rating

Change oil and filter regularly (250h)

Must use CF4 or above oil on the plateau

The combustion condition of the engine in the plateau deteriorates, the oil pollution is very fast, and the oil life below the CF4 level is less than 250h.

Exceeding the life of the engine will result in the engine not being properly lubricated, the wear will be intensified, and early failure will occur.


Lubricants used in the plateau:


Quality meets API CF4 or higher

If you use CD low grade oil, the oil change period should be shortened by half. NTA855M350 oil comparison test (15W40/CD&CF4).


Engine coolant requirements



Use water filters or add DCA dry powder as required to prevent corrosion, cavitation and scaling of the cooling system.

Check the seal of the tank pressure cap and the leakage of the cooling system to ensure that the boiling point of the coolant does not decrease and the cooling system is normal.

Use coolant containing ethylene glycol + water or a manufacturer-approved antifreeze for environmental conditions in cold areas.

Regularly check the DCA concentration and freezing point in the coolant.


Engine daily inspection and maintenance


Lubricating oil surface and cooling fluid surface

Fuel, oil, coolant leakage

Belt slack and wear

The fan is damaged or not

The sound has no abnormal sound

Smoke color is abnormal

Dynamic change

Oil pressure and cooling water temperature


Weekly inspection and maintenance


Check the intake resistance indicator or replace the air filter.

Drain the water and sediment in the fuel tank/fuel filter.

If the fuel used is dirty or the ambient temperature is low, more condensate is produced in the fuel tank and filter.

The deposited water should be discharged every day.


Engine inspection and maintenance every 250h


Change engine oil

Change the oil filter

Replace fuel filter

Change water filter

Check the coolant DCA concentration

Check the coolant freezing point (cool season)

Check or clean the water tank heat sink blocked by dust


Every 1500h


Check and adjust the valve clearance

Check and adjust the injector lift


Every 4500h


Adjusting the injector and the fuel pump

Check or replace the following parts:


water pump


fan hub

air compressor

- Charger

cold start auxiliary heater

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