Red Chilli Pepper- The Miracle!

by Sagar Chauhan Digital Marketing Analyst
Red chilli pepper- this plant puts everyone on fire! People get tears in their eyes with an amazing taste on their tongue and this fills their mind with great satisfaction. Every country around the globe enjoys the presence of red chilli powder in their foods. Spicy Mexican, torrid Thai food, simmering Szechuan, or smoldering Indian- everywhere the glorious presence of red chilli is celebrated. 
Numerous varieties of red chillies enrich the kitchen, which is different in size, flavor, color, hotness, and shape. Starting from less than one inch in height, they can be up to six inches long. Usually, chilies are red and green in color. People also use the red chilli powders by grounding the chili peppers and red chili powder is one of the important ingredients of cooking in today’s kitchen. Another key reason for its popularity is its tremendous medicinal values.

Health Benefits of Red Chilli powder

The red chili powder treats sensory nerve fiber disorders, including arthritis and psoriasis.

Various studies regarding pain management show that topical capsaicin alleviates pain. 

Cayenne, a type of red chili pepper, has been proven to reduce blood cholesterol. 

Red chilies are tested to reduce the tendency of heart attack and to minimize the rate of stroke.

Capsaicin present in chili powder induces peppery heat, which encourages secretions to clear congestion of nose or lungs.

The red color of the chili denotes the presence of beta-carotene in it. So only two teaspoons of it every day can provide the required amount of vitamin A and vitamin C in the human body.

The ‘hotness’ of the red chili powder generates heat in the human body which takes energy and burns a few calories to lose some weight.

According to research result of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the presence of chili powder in the food can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

The wholesale red chilli powder suppliers in India make huge money every year by exporting chili powder and dried chilies in various corners of the world. The success of their business is due to the vivid colors of the red chilies with firm and glossy skins. Yes, this is the identification of pure hot red chilies. Their stem will be fresh and hardy of course. The wholesale suppliers hire the best inspection and research team to select only the best red chilies from the best traders in India, and they offer the spice at the best market price.

So, whoever have not tasted the red chili powder yet, they should not fear its ‘hotness’, as it has tremendous health benefits.

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