Reasons You're Not Losing Weight and How to Fix Them.

by Mukesh Nath Blogger

if you don't lose weight!

A healthy low-carb and high-fat lifestyle is one of the best diets to achieve your optimum weight. Scientifically proven [1]. Yet it is no guarantee that you will lose weight (quickly). But this lifestyle is so healthy that there is every reason to keep going. And with a long breath, there is a good chance that you will eventually go towards your optimal weight.

You can lose weight in different ways. One is drastically reducing your calories. A typical way of dieting. And it works. On the short-term. Yes if you also make healthy (er) choices. Your body needs extra energy and uses its reserves. But also gives signals that things are not going well. You get hungry. Feel like sniffing.

Most people don't want to limit their calories a day in day out. You cannot maintain diets all your life. You feel limited. There are all kinds of temptations. You want to 'just' eat again. And then those pounds come back mercilessly. Often a bit more, because now you don't need that many calories anymore. Your body has adjusted.

That's why dieting is never a good idea. Permanent improvements in your lifestyle are. Do it in a way that you can keep it up. Eat differently, no less. Healthier. As nature intended. Avoid sugars. Eat more fats. Go for healthy keto diet products

Possible causes why you do not fall (quickly) on a low-carb and high-fat diet:

1. You do not measure correctly.

For most people who eat low carbohydrate and high fat, the body changes. You get the more facial expression, cheekbones and collar bones become more visible, your fat percentage decreases, and you gain muscle mass in return. Often even when people no longer move. You don't see that on the scales. In the mirror. Provided you want to view it. We are often too critical of ourselves

2. You do not have enough patience:

A common problem. We want quick results. We hear that the kilos are wiped off by someone else. Almost everyone loses weight during the first few weeks. That is mainly water. Glucose is stored in your body as glycogen. Along with water. If you start eating low carbohydrates, these supplies will shrink, and you will also lose that water.

3. You have too much stress or too little relaxation.

Stress is a significant factor in obesity and problems with losing weight. Our body is designed to act well in short periods of stress. By briefly increasing certain hormones, you can quickly run away from danger, for example. But nowadays it usually doesn't stop at those peak moments. Many people experience chronic stress. Sometimes extreme, but very often also less intense and, therefore, perhaps even unconscious.

4. You do not sleep enough.

Sufficiently excellent and deep sleep is a condition for long-term health. Insufficient sleep also hurts your weight. This is how hunger and satiety signals get upset. You then eat more because it looks like you are hungry while your body has enough energy. Too little sleep also leads to unhealthy habits: more snacking and less healthy choices. If you are not adequately rested, this type of food also gives more of a reward effect in your brain.

5. You have a shortage of natural vitamin D.

Sufficient vitamin D is essential for everyone. Much more important than most people think. It keeps you healthy, and a deficiency can cause weight loss to fail [9, 10]. The question is whether supplements (vitamin D in tablet form or drops or something) help with this. Some scientists think it is counterproductive because your body then produces less vitamin D. At least go outside every day.


The benefits of a ketogenic diet:

Lose weight and dry training: During a ketogenic diet, your body switches to fat dressing. You lose fat quickly, while ketones keep your muscle mass!

Cognitive benefits: Your brain can absorb ketones many times better than carbohydrates. This allows you to focus better and to think clearly.

Always enough energy: Thanks to a more efficient energy source, your body still has sufficient energy. Never again the sugar crash or a dip after your meal!

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