Reasons Why You Should Use Alcohol for Extraction

by Andrew Winslow Herbal Extractions

The best alcohol for extraction will help in getting the best cannabis concentrate. Hence, hemp and cannabis extraction have always used ethanol as a solvent. There are many good reasons behind this.

Aside from being easy to use, ethanol is also highly versatile. There are several different products that can be made with ethanol. It is this versatility that makes it the best solvent for small or large-scale cannabis processors.

Let’s take a look at the reasons to use alcohol for cannabis extraction.

1.  For Thousands of Years, it Has Been Used

Among the oldest methods of extracting botanicals, ethanol or alcohol has been used as a solvent. This practice dates back several centuries. As a matter of fact, alcohol is also one of the most popular recreational drugs consumed by humans. It can also be easily manufactured. Ethanol has been a part of society for many millennia.

Solvents such as ethanol are primitive. Over the last few thousand years, ethanol has developed many technological breakthroughs. The versatility of ethanol places it in a great position for all types of botanical extract.

2.  It Is Safe to Use

190 Proof ethyl alcohol is easier and safer to use.  This is because;

·         The best alcohol for extraction is less toxic and explosive. Because of this, they tend to be safer than the existing hydrocarbon extraction systems to operate.

·         In spite of the fact that the extraction process has its own complexities, ethanol is considered one of the easiest methods of studying cannabis extraction. Hence, it is easier to train operators. The method is easier simply because the process doesn’t require the solution to alter phases. In this case, they are hydrocarbons and CO2.

·         The CO2 extraction process operates under high pressure. This leads to more potential hazards. Also, the cost of equipment is a lot higher and its throughput is lower in comparison to alcohol extraction.

3.  It Is Highly Efficient

To understand solubility, you need to understand its mechanisms. The success or failure of an SOP extraction is determined by this detail.

When it comes to solubility, there is a common piece of knowledge that dissolves. Due to 190 Proof ethyl alcohol is taken to be highly efficient.

Alcohol is a great solvent when it comes to extracting botanical, especially cannabis and hemp extraction. The versatility of this material makes it suitable for the extraction of any type of botanical extract. Alcohol can dissolve a little polar and non-polar compound. It has an affinity to polarity since it can be adjusted through temperature. As it is a non-viscous liquid when left at atmospheric pressure, it can be extracted very easily. 

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