Reasons why you must maintain the exterior of your commercial real estate

by Concord Painting NYC Commercial Painting Company

When we talk about building maintenance, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For several commercial real estate investors, it often conjures images of repainting between tenants, repairing and replacing light fixtures, leaky faucets, worn carpets, and ensuring that their HVAC systems are running perfectly. While these things are essential to maintaining a property, they are not required.

Maintaining the exterior appearance of your real estate property adequately is equally, if not more, important to consider and for a lot of reasons. Today, we will closely examine the top incentives to keep your building's exterior looking its best.

Protection Against Elements

The exterior of your property is its first line of defense against the sun, rain, wind, snow, and wildlife. Cracks and holes in your roof, siding, or concrete may allow some of these elements to enter the property, potentially causing a lot of unnecessary damage to the interior of your property.

Mildew, rust, mold, leaks, rot, and animal nesting are a few things that may wreak havoc and lead your property to be deemed uninhabitable in severe cases. Hence it's critical for you to regularly assess the exterior of your property and catch issues while they are still small.

Better Return On Your Investment

When you buy an investment real estate, it's ideally done with the understanding that you are setting on a long-term investment. With that said, you must ensure you have a lot of equity in your real estate when you are ready to unload that investment.

Properly maintaining your building's exterior is a great way to guarantee this. Even if your monthly costs and effort of maintaining the exterior feel a little daunting, we suggest you look at the bigger picture. With the help of a few external maintenance tasks like fa├žade restoration in NYC, you can make your building market itself.


An adequately maintained exterior will show you pride in your property and speak to the business that makes its home there. All customers entering a building with a shoddy paint job or nonexistent landscaping are likely to feel deterred by its appearance. However, professional New York City commercial painters can help you change that.

As long as your building looks clean, properly landscaped, and well-maintained, it will exude an air of professionalism that can help build faith and a positive reputation with the business(s) inside. These factors will also help you set a standard for your property, encouraging your tenants to take as much pride in your commercial property as you do.

Reduced Long-Term Maintenance Costs

For instance, a roof replacement job takes place every 20 to 30 years. However, inconsistent maintenance can significantly reduce this period, meaning you may have to pay a hefty price far sooner than expected.

Taking care of minor issues before they become major allows you to keep your long-term maintenance costs to a minimum. Working your property's exterior maintenance into your budget will ensure you can always handle such minor repairs as soon as they arise.

As long as you maintain the exterior of your property, you will have a myriad of benefits coming your way. Contact a professional to help you with your commercial exterior maintenance project immediately!

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