Reasons to Meditate and How to Get Started

by Abhinav G. Movie Enthusiast

Meditation is basically the art of silencing the mind, increasing concentration and experiencing inner peace. Although meditation experience is difficult to express, the truth is that every time one meditates, it is not the same as the previous meditation. Meditation can sometimes come effortlessly and other times it is quite hard to control the mind. Practicing meditation benefit the individual in great number of ways such as:

A. There is improvement in concentration: Meditation gives you clear mind. And with clear mind, you become more productive. This is especially noted in tasks that need lots of concentration such as writing, piloting, etc.

B. After meditation, one is less bothered by little things: Generally, the mind tends to magnify small things to serious problems. When one meditates, he learns to live for the moment and he is less worried about the things of the past and those of the future. Meaningless issues have no place in our minds rather, when we meditate, we are able to see a bigger picture of any situation.

C. The health of the individual meditating is improved: According to loads of studies carried out, there are lots of health benefits that result from meditation. This is basically because meditation reduces stress levels as well as anxiety. Reduction of stress comes with so many benefits.

D. Meditation facilitates knowledge of oneself: Practicing meditation enables one to have a deeper understanding of their inner self. It is through meditation that we can understand the purpose of our lives.

Above are the main reasons why people meditate and as a beginners guide to meditation, for you to successfully meditate, it needs constant practice. It requires to be done daily in a quiet place and time where you will not be disturbed. When embarking on meditation process, there are several things that you should bear in mind to facilitate meditation. These are:

  • Do not try to meditate while lying down. You are most likely to fall asleep. Instead, you should sit straight. As much as meditation brings relaxation and inner peace, it is worth noting that when we meditate, our alertness is heightened and you have a positive feeling afterwards.
  • Avoid eating before meditation. You may not fully concentrate after a heavy meal as your body will be sluggish due to digestion.
  • It is advisable to meditate while seated with your back straight.
  • Taking a shower before meditation process is also very helpful.

With the aforementioned tips on how to get started and a guide to meditation, your meditation process will be worthwhile.

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