Reasons to Hire Underground Utility Locating Sydney before Starting a Construction Project

by Maria Williams Online Marketing Specialist

Underground utilities are very convenient. They carry water to and from a property, supply energy, and help to facilitate the overall comfort that occupants of a property experience. 

However, the problem is that not all utility lines run as they should, and even minor deviations could hinder the progress of a construction project or make excavating soil a costly and dangerous activity to pursue. That’s why it is crucial to hire a professional underground utility locating Sydney before starting any construction project. Following are some reasons why this is recommended:

Deviations in Utility Lines Are Common

Minor deviations exist underground. A line can move several feet over a decade. In other words, older underground utility lines can be almost anywhere on a property. The good news is it is easy to locate them. Underground utility locating services use state-of-the-art technologies, such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), to create a real-time, accurate image of the ground and the utility lines that it contains. Thanks to this technology’s high accuracy, it becomes easier to ensure that utility lines and other features beneath the surface are where they should be.

Locating Metals and Non-Metal Objects

Traditional underground location methods rely on using imaging that affects metal. That’s why they are not often a good option because sometimes non-metals like PVC pipes or ceramic sewer lines surround utility lines below the surface. So, you should consider hiring reputed underground utility locating services that utilise the latest methods to perform the task for the best results. GPR is effective for all types of underground features with certain limitations. This allows the service providers to ensure that an accurate representation can be created that will not miss utility lines and features that could cause various construction issues.

Geological Features May Hinder the Construction Project

Some geographical features, such as underground caverns and sinkholes, can appear just as utility lines when traditional underground locating techniques are used. This can produce false positives, which can hinder the progress of a construction project. However, the worst part is that certain geological features can extend far beyond the constraints of the average utility line. This can allow features like sinkholes to endanger workers and damage the machinery potentially. Hiring an expert underground utility locating Sydney specialising in the use of GPR technology can prove to be helpful to detect such an occurrence. This is because Ground Penetrating Radar can help separate geographical features from utility lines, giving a better idea of what resides under the property.

The Bottom Line

The latest technologies used nowadays don’t have the same drawbacks as other utility locating methods, making them ideal for general applications. So, by hiring the services that specialise in using these methods, you can avoid headaches by ensuring that no accidents occur that may hinder your project’s progress and cost you money.

Hiring an underground utility locating Sydney is highly recommended before starting any construction project. Companies offering these services use state-of-the-art technologies and methods to create an accurate image of what resides underground. 

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