Reasons to Go for Professional Jewelry Repair: Hire the Experts


One of the many ways to express ourselves is through jewelry - it is often luxurious, elegant and gives an essence of sophistication. It indicates one’s fashion sense. But, these materials can receive wear and tear like almost any other items that one would possess. 

Why should you go for the repair service?


Over the course of the marriage, people's fingers can grow, shrink and altogether change. This may cause a wedding band or engagement ring to no longer fit over time. Most wedding ring adjustments are intricate, involving soldering, then cutting and disposing of the metal if the ring is too big, or adding metal if the ring is too small. Using pliers or any other tool to distort the shape of the metal will only ruin the ring's structural integrity and monetary value, so it is probably best to leave ring-related jewelry repairs to a professional. One of the biggest problems a necklace chain faces is hair or lint getting caught in it. If the hair is jerked out quickly, the chain can become crimped and twisted; this can happen in herringbone, serpentine, link, filigree and anchor chains. There exists a quick fix solution to this problem if there is not too much hair stuck in the necklace. One can look for a professional repair service to find a solution.       

Go for the right repair service


  • The daily wear and tear one would put on her jewelry takes more of a toll than she would think. Also, not all gemstones are as hard as diamonds. For e.g, Gems like opal, emerald, pearls, and more are actually very “soft” on the scale of hardness. These are susceptible to small scratches and abrasions which make them look worn over time. 
  • The jewelry materials need regular maintenance. The right provider can offer the best Jewelry repair in Brookline as per one’s requirements. 


Are you serious about protecting your collection? 


Every piece of jewelry has it's own demands and time schedule for cleaning. This time schedule is based largely on how often the piece is worn, the metals and gems that comprise the design and how the owner stores their jewelry. If one would wear her pearl necklace once a year on Christmas or New Year's Eve and then he/she can store it by its self in a jewelry pouch for the rest of the year, then she would not need yearly cleanings. For example, Diamond jewelry that is worn on a daily basis needs to be cleaned at least twice a year. All jewelry when not in use needs to be stored separately from other pieces. This is the best way to protect one’s collection form damage. Other pieces can scratch softer metals and thus result in a trip to the repair department that could have been avoided. One should choose the best service provider that would offer Jewelry repair and lapidary services in Brookline at a reasonable cost. The cleaning and maintenance of the jewelry should be taken by the professionals and they can provide the right guidelines to the customers.


Walters Jewellers offers a complete solution to Jewelry repair in Brookline. Here, the professionals offer all sorts of repair as per the requirements of the customers at an affordable cost. Please visit the website for more details.             

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