Reasons of a weak immune system

by Susan George Urgent Care Services
Immune system helps in defending the body from various diseases, bacterial and viral infections. It also prevents the growth of tumors and cancerous cells inside the body. But if the immune system weakens, then it can be a cause to a lot of serious and untimely diseases. Like catching cold more than two times a year or having severe body infection etc. 
Symptoms of a weak immune system

The weakness in the immune system can be by birth, or can be acquired by some external factors. Here are some of the ways that can tell you if you have a low immune system:

1.Fatigue: While fatigue can be caused due to any reason, but it can also be due to a low immune system. Waking up tired almost every morning, getting exhausted after doing easiest tasks and stress are some of the fatigue issues which indicates towards a low immune system.

2.Repeated Infections: Stomach infections, red gums, experiencing frequent diarrhea often are some of the examples that your body isn’t able to counter the effects of harmful external elements like it should’ve. Thus, indicating the weakening of the immune system.

3.Cold, Fever and Sore Throat: If you are having cold more than twice a month or even year and you have a sore throat more often. Then it is possible that you have a low immune system. In this case you could visit Urgent Care Jersey City and consult a doctor. So, they test your white blood cell levels.

4.Allergies: Different people have different kinds of reactions to things according to their immune system. Some have constant allergic reactions to pollen, dust, temperature and other external agents. This is a symptom of low immune system. If allergies happen on a constant basis, and you can’t seem to come over it. Then visit Pediatric Urgent Care near Me and consult a doctor.

Common causes of low immune system

1.Stress: Stress affects us all most of the time. The uneasy feeling, chest pain and exhaustion are some symptoms of stress.
These factors make the immune system work harder to protect the body against the threats. Causing weak immunity.

2.Less focus on exercising: Exercising is basically a unique solution to almost each and every physical problem. If a person is in regular touch with exercising, then it strengthens their immune system. Likewise if a person doesn’t exercise much then his immune system is more likely to get weak.

3.Poor Nutrition: An uncontrolled poor diet and consumption of less nutritious food can also be a cause in the destruction of immunity. It’s essential to eat well balanced food like vegetables, fruits and whole grain sources for a good and healthy immune system. Likewise junk food should be totally avoided at all times.

4.Consumption of tobacco and smoking: Smoking is one the leading cause of a poor immune system and a bad one at that. If you are a smoker, then your immunity is likely to decrease five times faster than that of a non-smoker. 

Enhancing your immune system

A change in lifestyle is very important to enhancing your immune system. Healthy diet, proper exercising, and a regular check up from Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Near Me will help keep you healthy and fit and will also increase your immune system.

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