Reasons Most Liquid Factories Use Automatic Filling Machines Today

by Armstrong Louis HR

If you are in any industry that involves producing liquids like beverages, sauce, sanitizer, or cosmetics, then you cannot deny the various benefits of automatic filling machines. It is not easy to work with liquids, but these machines make it easier. Therefore more liquid producing companies prefer these machines these days. Let us look at how the filling machines help with the production:

High efficiency in production: Before anything else, automatic filling machines let packagers produce more that can ever be produced by manual filling. Whether it is a thin free-flowing product or a high viscosity item like paste or jelly, automatic bottle fillers can fill multiple containers with each cycle. Using multiple fill heads, these machines can work at an insanely high speed which allows the company to fill thousands of bottles in a day.

Consistency and reliability: If you depend on manual filling, then it can lead to variances in the amount of product poured in each bottle. If the bottle is overfilled, then the product is wasted which can be considered a financial loss for the company. On the contrary, if the bottle is not fully filled, then it results in customer dissatisfaction which can ruin the reputation of the company. With automatic filling machines, however, you can set the measure, so each bottle is filled with the exact amount of liquid.

Easy and simple to control:

The setup of automatic liquid fillers may seem lengthy at first glance, but that is not true. Once in operation, the machines require simple hand adjustments only for changing from one bottle to another. Moreover, you can set the crucial settings like fill times, pump speeds, indexing times and more. When you have entered the settings for a product combination and bottle, the machines will remember it for the next operations.


A great advantage of these machines is that you can upgrade them as your company grows. You may start using the machine with four, six or eight fill heads. As demand and production increase, you can add more fill heads to the machine. It saves you from the expense of maintaining a machine with multiple fill heads when you do not need them. Similarly, as your company grows, you do not have to spend money on bigger machines with more capacity immediately as you can just upgrade the one you have.

Finally, automatic filling machines are versatile. You can use them to fill bottles and containers with different shapes and sizes. Moreover, many machines can take care of multiple products including both thin and thick liquids. Companies that package different products in different containers find this versatility extremely useful.

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