Reasons behind the Popularity of Shisha Hookah

by Sanjeev Yadav SEO Consultant
Hookah is growing in popularity especially among the youth. It is also called narghile or Goza or shisha. People like smoking shisha hookah which is a combination of a water pipe, a smoke chamber, a bowl, and a hose. A special kind of tobacco is used in hookah that makes it different from smoking cigarettes. When the tobacco is heated, the smoke passes through water inside the hookah. The smoker puts his mouth on the mouthpiece to draw the smoke via the rubber-made hose.

Tobacco used in Shisha:
Hookah-smokers can find a variety of flavors for the tobacco to be used in shisha. In fact, many online and offline suppliers offer several types of shisha hookah tobacco to please their customers. Tobacco used in hookah is totally different from the tobacco used in cigarettes. Hookah is not a new concept in the market as people are smoking shisha from ancient times. Previously fresh tobacco was used in a damp form for smoking hookah, and those remained dipped in honey or molasses. Among the flavored tobaccos for hookah, Turkish mixture was the popular one then.
In current time, various flavors of hookah-tobacco are available in the market, mostly those are mixed with different flavorings and fruit extracts. Aromatic shisha hookahs are also available at great prices.

Flavors of Shisha tobacco:
A few popular flavors offered by the shisha hookah tobacco suppliers include apple, lemon, vanilla, and mint; most of the times these four flavors are combined to produce a few more exciting flavors, which are easily available in the market by the wholesale suppliers. They have also brought some new flavors like chocolate mint and cream soda, which are also gaining popularity these days.
Today, shisha hookah tobacco contains 30% tobacco and the rest 70% is fruit flavor contents i.e. honey or molasses mixed with the fruit flavors. Except for this, most of the hookah tobacco contains no tar-like cigarettes have. And, the rest have only 0.5% nicotine in them. So, people who have not enjoyed shisha hookah yet may think that why people are getting addicted to it… well, it’s because of the taste and aroma of the smoke.

Reasons for popularity:
1. Shisha smoking is getting arranged by the restaurants’ and cafes’ owners. The social settings attract urban youth towards hookah smoking.
2. College students and young professionals are filling their free time by hanging out with friends and they feel shisha to be trendy and cool.
3. Various campaigning is going on against cigarette and alcohol. So, urban youth are growing their interests towards shisha smoking.

There is a huge increment in shisha hookah smoking in India. It is becoming the favorite pastime activity among the young generation. They can get hookah at reasonable prices for their personal use by contacting the shisha hookah tobacco wholesale suppliers in the market.

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