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Radical prostatectomy has long been an option for the treatment of prostate cancer.  The procedure involves the surgical removal of the prostate gland as well as seminal vesicles and, in some cases, lymph nodes. 

There are 4 major approaches commonly employed in radical prostatectomy:

  • Open Prostatectomy or Radical Retro Pubic Prostatectomy:  the most common form of the procedure, in which the incision begins below the navel and extends to the pubic bone.
  • Radical Perineal Prostatectomy:  involves an incision from the anus to the base of the scrotum.
  • Minimally Invasive Prostatectomy or Laparoscopic Prostatectomy:  this technique requires several small incisions and is performed with surgical instruments that are inserted through the incisions, using a laparoscopic camera that allows the surgeon to view the surgical field in real time.
  • Robot-Assisted Prostatectomy:  a type of laparoscopic technique in which the surgeon manipulates a robotic arm to perform the procedure while seated at a viewing console nearby

Radical Prostatectomy Surgery India is affordable and can be planned easily with the help of tour2india4health consultants. Patient many need not to worry about their treatment as they can plan their treatment without making a hole in their pockets.

If You are Worried about Side Effect of a Prostate Cancer and You are Searching for Famous Urologist for Successful Radical Prostatectomy Surgery India, So Plan Your Radical Prostatectomy in India with Outstanding Benefits and Packages with Tour2India4Health Consultants will always help you to give best opinion for best treatment within Your Budget. You can call us at – +91-9325887033.

Who Should Undergo A Radical Prostatectomy?

Radical prostatectomy is suggested to those who have prostate cancer, prostate inflamed and obstructing urine, having pain while urination because of inflamed prostate, and urine in blood etc. There are many reasons but your surgeons will suggest you radical prostatectomy only when you are in a serious need of it. If the disease is not responding to meds and oral treatments then surgery is advised. Radical Prostatectomy Surgery India is very affordable and easily can be availed in India.

What are the Success rate of Radical Prostatectomy India?

The use of minimally invasive type of surgery has made major surgeries easy and comfortable too. Any major approach done with the help of robotics or laparoscope can help the patient to recover fast. This type of surgery has healed many patient’s disease without giving the patient much harm. According to the medical record invasive surgeries used for such procedures are 80 percent to 85 percent successful. Radical Prostatectomy Surgery India via Tour2India4Health will help you get the best treatment for your disease.

What to Expect After Radical Prostatectomy?

You will wake up in the recovery room. You will have an oxygen mask on, as you will be breathing more slowly than usual while the anaesthetic wears off. You will have a drip in your arm to give you fluids and pain relief, and you will have a catheter in place to drain urine from your bladder. This is usually removed 24 to 48 hours after the operation.

Best Hospitals for Radical Prostatectomy Surgery India

Every hospital in India are the best as they believe in minimally invasive prostatectomy procedures and pitch their patients towards advanced techniques because these procedures does not require a very long hospital stay. The best hospitals for prostatectomy India are associated with some of the best surgeons and doctors, and have the best caring staff as their team. The patient need not to worry when he is in such professional hands. After investing years of hard work and delivering best medical service below are the three names that will help you to get the best treatment procedures.

  • Fortis Hospital
  • Artemis Hospital
  • Max health care

Why Most of the International Patients Choose Radical Prostatectomy Surgery India through Tour2India4Health Consultants?

Because India has the best doctors and equipment’s for this type of surgeries with the best price which can be affordable by any patient, and for the international patient’s treatment in India is highly cost saving for them including best treatments. If you wish to get some best treatment you can rely on tour2india4health consultants to plan your medical tour to India. The patient only need to do is pack their bags and pick their medical records rest will be taken care off by the tour2india4health team. 

Get Free Opinion, Quote, Medical Visa Invitation and Assistance at Every Step of Your Treatment in India. You can send medical report at :

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